Friday, 8 November 2013

Dubai marina

This half term here in Dubai we have been trying to explore a bit and scout out places for the in laws to see when they visit next month. It's only a couple of weeks until chalky and the sporty one come to stay. 

One of the places we visited is dubai marina. It is on the coast in Dubai and as you will see in the pictures it is quite built up and developed. 

There are some awesome buildings in Dubai with great designs. I liked this twisted one in the marina. 

We caught a water bus from just outside the marina mall which took us down through the marina to marina walk. It only cost 2 dhs each (20p). The marina walk was lovely and there were quite a few restaurants and caf├ęs to eat in. There are some dancing fountains there that kids can play in but unfortunately they were not running the day we went. Hopefully when we go again with grandma and grandad they will be on. 

We decided to walk back to the mall instead of getting the water bus back which gave us a chance to try out the playgrounds that have been built underneath the bridges all along the marina. 

We had a great time in the marina and will definitely be going back there soon! 

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