Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Mushrif park

A stroll around a sanctuary of greenery was our mission yesterday. We chose mushrif park in mirdif as our destination. 

The park is huge and almost feels out of place in the desert and city landscape of Dubai. It's a great place for picnics and children's playgrounds. It has a swimming pool (didn't use it so can't comment on the state of it) and a small train for kids. The train only runs after 4pm so we missed this unfortunately. 

It also featured an 'international village', a collection of miniature houses from around the world. William enjoyed seeing these and especially liked sneaking in the English house. Some of the houses were a little rundown (I found some a little creepy but that's just me! Like seeing an old burnt down building ... Makes me shiver!) I did wonder if after visiting here, whether other nationalities think all us Brits live in Tudor houses with big wooden beams. Although I must say, it was a better attempt than that of global villages homage to the uk! That was just embarrassing! 

It cost AED 10 to enter with a car. The park is lovely to walk around and I would definitely go again in the afternoon with a picnic as William thoroughly enjoyed the playgrounds. As usual with Dubai, there was some work being done there. There were plenty of shady areas do even in the bright morning sunshine it was pleasant to go around. It's probably a good place to meet up with others, play dates etc as there are things for the kids I do while parents can chat while watching them. 

There are loads of park areas dotted around Dubai and I look forward to exploring them all!

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