Friday, 10 January 2014

Crochet along 2014

After much deliberating, umming and erring... I have decided what I will make for the crochet along this year. I will link up to some later when I figure out how to do it (any tips are appreciated!).

I have decided to make a mixed stitch stripe blanket. Thats a mouthful!! I got the idea from Little Woolie. She did it last year so I can't follow hers now but will be referring back to it for stitch ideas! If you haven't seen her blog go check it out cos it's lovely! She uses the most gorgeous colour combinations in her crochet work! 

So here are the colours I have chosen. As I am going to try and join up with the crochet mood blanket cal for 2014 I should allocate the colours a mood. If you haven't heard about this... You basically choose a mood for each colour wool. Each day you decide how you are feeling and use that colour. So my choices are ...

Purple - creative
Dark red - happy
Red - adventurous 
Grey- peaceful
Cream - loved
White- excited

So when I started I was excited about beginning my new project so I used white. Cool idea huh? I don't know who came up with it originally but I have seen it on lots of blogs this week. And as one of my plans for this year is to be more positive and creative etc I have used that to inspire my mood choices for colours. Nothing sad, boring or angry for me! 

So here is my first 8 rows...

I am planning to post my weekly updates on a mods tan am aiming for one row a day. The blanket I am making is for my lounge in my new appartment, it lacks those nice homely touches at the moment and I am hoping when it's finished it will add some brightness and comfort to the sofa. 

So good luck to everyone taking part in a crochet along this year. Please let me know what you are up to as I am keen to follow others, it also gives me that boost to keep at it! :)

Here are some other lovely people who are taking part in the Mood blanket crochet along...

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  1. It looks great Charlotte! You will have an amazing blanket by the end of the year. xx

  2. Charlotte this is going to look absolutely super. I love the positive mood colours! Gave fun making it.
    Love linda

  3. What an interesting way to incorporate a mood into a blanket! Love the colours you've matched up ... very vibrant. I hope you remember years later what all the colours represent.

    Linking up to a link party is easy. Go to your own POST that has the project you want to link up. Be sure you click on the actual POST, and not just your blog home page. In the bar at the top of your screen that shows what site you are on (don't know technical term), left-click on that so the entire URL line is highlighted (double-check that the name of the individual post is at the end of this line); a drop-down menu appears, click "copy". Now go to the blog of the person hosting the link party and go to the post that will have the link-up on it. There will be a section where the blogger will have some title for all the links and below where people have linked up, you will see a little blue button labeled "Add Your Link". Right click on that button and a few little boxes will appear. The first box is "URL" ... left-click on this box and a drop-down menu appears; click "paste" and the URL from your blog post will be entered now which you copied from your blog. Now fill in your name, or the name of your project (most people put the name of their project), your email (which will only be visible to the blog host, no one else), then click on the blue button"Next Step" and you will be shown some photos from your specific blog post and you can choose which photo you want to show up on the link page. If you want to centre the photo better, click "crop", and you can drag the little square over the photo to get the best alignment, then click "select" to have your photo added to the link. That's it! Your photo shows up on the link page after a minute or so (you have to refresh that page in order to see it). Hope this helps ... sorry it's so wordy ;) Wendy x


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