Monday, 20 January 2014

Crochet mood blanket update...

I have just realised its Monday!! And I am meant to be blogging about my crochet mood blanket!! 

As I have another project to start (will show u during the week), I tried to get as far ahead as I could with my mood blanket. I think I did quite well! Although It is already the 20th jan so I better get a wriggle on with my other project!!

Since my last update, I have tried a new stitch. It's basically a version of the chevron patten that is always knocking about online. I enjoyed it, and I like how it makes you look up and down the blanket and not just width ways, if that makes sence?! My last few rows were rows of half double crochet and bobbles, spacing the bobbles out on each row. My husband loves bobbles, don't know why. Probably because they are fiddly and time consuming ad that would be typical!

I am really enjoying this project!! I'm meant to be doing a row a day, so I'm not sure if I could carry on for a whole year as it will be massive!! Maybe half way through the year I could start a different project! I have something in mind already!! 

Well I'll be back in the week to show you my other project I have started for a friend. I have a deadline as it's for a baby due in march! 

Keep leaving comments as I love to read them and follow others blogs! 


  1. It's absolutely gorgeous! Love it.
    Anne xx

  2. It is going really well Charlotte - keep going, you are doing really well!! xx

  3. It's beautiful I love your colours, and yes bobbles are fiddly and very time consuming, I know that after I made a pram cover with just bobbles, they do look pretty but it will be a while before I do any more :)


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