Saturday, 4 January 2014

my plan for 2014

Well I have left the cold, wind and rain of England and arrived safely back home in Dubai. We had a great two weeks back in the uk visiting family and friends. Enjoying Christmas dinner, eating far too much chocolate torte ( mother in law- I'm blaming you!) and giggling with my crazy family. 

I have just been spending a few quite mintes catching up on my blog reading. It looks like everyone has done so much crafting in 2013. I guess I have done a bit but I am feeling a touch inadequate at the moment. I have had quite a lot going on in the last year I suppose so now I no longer have work to go to I am going to make more of an effort! 

My plan for the year is to make the most of it ! I am not going to call it a New Years resolution as then I run the risk of forgetting about it and failing by the end if January! So my plan for the year will include the following...

1. Get crafting and creative again. I have a very important project to start in the next couple of weeks, making a chevron blanket for a friend here in Dubai who is having a baby in March. So I have a deadline which should help!  I also want to try things I have either not made before or not done for a long time. I plan to make some hand embroidered cushions for my sofa. So if anyone has tips or ideas on this, please let me know!

2. Exploring. Having recently moved to Dubai there is lots for me to explore. One of the reasons I was bored with where we lived before is because there wasn't much to do and no good weather to go out in! Also now that William is growing up I want to make sure he sees as much as possible and enjoys his time here in Dubai. 

3. Get my a*se moving! I am the first to admit I am basically very lazy. If there's a choice of sitting inside watching a film and eating chocolate or going for a run, it would not be the latter!!! I'm not saying I am gona start running every day, but I want to do more exercise, go for walks more often and try to get in a few laps in the pool (inbetween watching William jumping in like a nutter). 

4. Being positive. I am fed up of seeing miserable posts from people on Facebook etc and feel i should try to be more positive. Even when just talking to myself!! ( I reserve the right to abandon this point if my "being creative" doesn't work!) 

So there you go. My plan. I may add to it as we go through the year. 

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and new year! And good luck for 2014 and any plans you may have!! 

Welcome to my new followers!! May they keep coming! It's nice to think there are people out there reading my ramblings!


  1. Some great plans for the year ahead there! I look foward to reading about how you get on. Thanks for the pinterest follow by the way too! You have some lovely things pinned. xx

  2. Great plans, hope they all work out beautifully!


  3. Happy New Year! Best of luck for your plans for 2014, look forward to seeing how you get on :)

  4. Hello ... I'm a new follower from Canada. I noticed you from Amy's blog (Love Made My Home), and popped over to see your lovely blog. I like your list of plans ... this is the kind of thing I could keep up as I don't make resolutions in the New Year. Good luck! Wendy x

  5. Yay! All good ideas. What a great year you will have. P.s Do you want me to forward that torte recipe!


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