Sunday, 26 January 2014

Next project... Crochet ripple blanket.

My friend Francesca (, is having a baby in March. I only met Francesca about 5 months ago when we both moved to Dubai. Francesca moved from London, with her Canadian husband who teaches at the same school as my hubby. 

It has been a difficult time setting up here in Dubai, learning the ways and the culture, setting up a brand new home etc. It has been amazing meeting other people who are going through the same process! For me, it's been great getting to know Francesca as she won't be working, so we have had many a trip to a coffee shop! Chatting to her about her upcoming arrival and listening to her plans getting ready for the baby, brings it all back to me! It doesn't feel like that long ago that I was going through it, can't believe it's 2 years ago already! 

So since Francesca is setting up home here and hasn't been able to see her family in a while, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get my hook out and make her a baby blanket. Something to cuddle up with her little one, to keep them warm during the midnight feeds, to chuck on the grass and laze away afternoons in the sun. 

Her and her husband have been turning the plain, empty spare room into a haven of calm and tranquility for their little boy. It's really cute! They had chosen a soft grey and pale blue for the colour scheme and have made their own nursery paintings for the walls. So I am hoping that this blanket will help add to the relaxing room, making it homely and snugly for him. 

It's hard being away from your family when living abroad. I think even more so when you are going through another life changing experience such as having a baby. I hope when I finish this blanket that it becomes a little keepsake for their son, a special reminder of the beginning of his life here in Dubai. 


  1. Your blanket looks beautiful, I love ripple blankets, and I am sure that this gift will be very well received and loved by your friend. xx

  2. What a lovely post. What a lovely blanket. What a lovely thing to do.x

  3. Thanks for lovely comments! It is coming along nicely!


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