Sunday, 5 January 2014

Quik tuna pasta

This is a really quick but tasty meal to make. Most of the ingredients can be russled together at the last minute and you can change or add other veg if you want to. 

1. Put pasta on to boil. I use one small bowl per person and usually end up with left overs for the next day depending on how hungry you are!

2. Chop up some veg. I used one red onion, a small handful of green beans and a red pepper. Stir fry the veg in a wok with a little olive oil and a finely chopped/ crushed garlic clove. 

3. When nearly cooked, chuck in a can of chopped tomatoes to diner away. 

4. Add a can of tuna to the vegetables and tomatoes, just long enough to warm through. 

5. Mix the cooked pasta with the tuna. You can eat it as it is or if you have a little more time, put it in an oven proof dish and cover in cheese. I like cheddar or Parmesan. Put it under the grill to melt the cheese and make it all gooey and more delicious! 

It's a pretty healthy option for something quick on a weeknight. I find it a good way of getting veg into my toddler. 


I am thinking of attempting to make some soup this week, so if any of you have a nice recipe let me know! I'm thinking carrot and ginger?? 

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  1. It is great how you can make pasta into almost anything isn't it! Love the idea of carrot and ginger soup. Just stock, carrots, seasoning and ginger and see what happens I would suggest - or try the BBC food website, they have loads of great free recipes there. xx


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