Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Baby shower

As you have probably heard me mention before, a friend of mine here in Dubai is having a baby soon. So we decided to throw her a little baby shower, to be honest it was great to have an excuse to pack all the kids off with daddies and have a girly get together... eating yummy food and having a good chat!

We all clubbed together to get Francesca a few items for her new baby, and also a few bits for her too! 

This is the basket of baby goodies we gave her. It featured a load of essentials for the new arrival, wipes, nappy cream, talc, tooth brush and paste, small rattle, Johnsons baby bath, Factor 50 sun cream (very important out here!) and lots of nappies! 

I found some suggestions online of funny things to write on the nappies, so using a sharpie i got to work! There were loads in the end. E.g. "Daddies turn", "Does my bum look big in this?", "Party at my crib, 2am!". 

I also made Francesca a draw string bag (which i posted about yesterday). Hopefully that will come in handy.

One great idea i saw on pinterest (loving pinterest by the way, sooooo addicted!!), was to keep a journal for your child. The one i saw was by a mum and dad that wrote in the journal each year on their child's birthday and then gave the journal to their son on his 21st birthday. Now i am not expecting Francesca to keep that up, as that is a mammoth task! But i thought it was a nice idea, and even if they wrote down their feelings about becoming a parent, what their lives are like before baby arrives and how its going to change them, what it is like here in Dubai for baby, especially as they may not be living in Dubai when the baby is grown up and receiving the journal. I may give this a go for William too actually. I am collecting keepsakes of our time here, obviously photos, but tickets to things we go to etc incase he doesn't remember his time here. 

So there we have it... we had a great time and it has made us realise we should try to get together more anyway. Time just seems to be flying by over here, can you believe we are nearly half way through the school year already!

My ripple blanket for Francesca's little boy is well on its way now. I am basically carrying on until i run out of wool so i am not sure how big it will be. I am really enjoying making it though, as it is very repetitive it means i don't have to think much as i am doing it, and can pick it up whenever i feel like it. I also dont have to keep referring back to a computer or book for the pattern!

My parents are coming out to Dubai on friday for nearly 3 weeks, so i am preparing for that and trying to get a load of blog posts done before they get here.

Hope you are all well out there in blog land. I will be back again soon with more crafting.


  1. Beautiful gifts for your friends, how lovely to have a get together like this. I hope that you have a wonderful time with your family visiting! You must be very excited. xx

  2. Lovely pictures of a happy evening x


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