Friday, 14 February 2014

Dubai miracle gardens

Happy Valentines day everyone! I hope you have all had a lovely day! 

We spent the morning at the Dubai Miracle Gardens today; the sun was blazing, bright blue skies and hearts everywhere!

The Miracle Gardens is an explosion of colour in the desert here in Dubai. It features millions of flowers and plants, extraordinary displays and collections. The ones that stand out the most to me are the heart tunnels, domes of flowers and the model of the Burj Kalifa. 

Obviously due to valentines day, hearts featured alot in the display this weekend! Pink and red hearts were hanging from the displays, mirrored hearts helped catch the light and sparkled in the sunshine.

William loved running through the tunnels of flowers and even posed for a photo!

They have recently opened Phase 2 of the Miracle gardens, a new section they have been working on for a while. You enter through another tunnel of mirrored flowers and it opens up to this...

This was one of three massive circular areas and you could take a path down into the middle of them. The colours are just amazing and its hard to capture the size and splendour of it in the photos! If you want to see more, try searching online for the Dubai Miracle gardens, as they have lots of amazing photos on their website. 

It costs just 20 AED each to enter the gardens, (thats about £3.60 ish). Children under 3 are free. We spent a few hours wondering around the gardens, i wouldn't say it was an all day thing but definately a good morning or afternoon well spent!

I couldn't help but think the people that designed these displays have a wonderful imagination. If you have a garden that needs jazzing up i am sure you could get some inspiration from here, but perhaps on a smaller scale! haha. I have also been thinking lately from a crafty point of view, that photos are a great way of getting colour inspiration. If you look at each one there are loads of colours mixing together to make the photos, different shades, and completely contrasting colours too. I think it would be interesting to base an afghan or something on the colours in the photos.

We had a great morning, and will definitely be visiting the gardens again with out next set of guests!

So to finish our day, we had steak and chips for dinner, and my dads homemade pancakes for desert! I have been busily crocheting away this evening to finish the ripple blanket as the baby is on its way!! I will have a ta-da to show you the blanket in the next couple of days!


  1. It is beautiful, but I would need a considerably bigger garden to take inspiration from this!! I bet that it is a wonderful place to go for a day out though. xx

    1. Yes... slightly bigger garden is probably required! haha

  2. Just perfect. What a wonderful place . I would love it there.

    1. We'll take you when you come over next time! :)


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