Monday, 3 February 2014

Hanging Hearts

One of my friends is having a baby in March and As part of a gift for her baby shower I made some hanging hearts. Each heart had a quote about parenting or children. 

Here is how I did it... 

1. Find quotes and type them into heart shapes. I used a computer but if you have nice neat writing, try writing them by hand. 

2. I found some patterned paper and used the printed hearts as a template to draw around. I drew hearts onto the patterned paper that were slightly bigger than the printed ones. 

3. I then used a sewing machine to sew the hearts together. I used a straight stitch and left a little tail at the beginning before I sewed across the first heart. Inbetween each one I counted roughly 15 stitches. It is important to keep gently guiding the hearts and stitches inbetween, through the back of the machine so they do not get caught up. 

 If you don't want to use the quotes, you could just use pretty papers to make hanging hearts. 

4. Next I glued the printed hearts to the hearts that were seen together. I did it this way so that I didn't have to sew through the text in case that made it unreadable. 

5. Tie a little loop at the top of the threads and voila! 

When William saw me doing this he wanted to have a go and as we have been focussing on learning shapes recently I decided it would be a cool idea to make a hanging of colourful shapes! 

So we cut out squares, circles, stars, hearts, moons, triangles, diamonds and rectangles out of colourful paper and I sewed them together for him. We have hung them in his room and each time he goes to bed we run through the names of the shapes. He is pretty good and knows them all now! 

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  1. Great idea Charlotte, either way - or for Valentines too!! xx


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