Monday, 10 February 2014

Madinat jumeriah souk

We took a drive down to madinat jumeriah souk this week. One of the gorgeous places I knew my parents would love! 

Madinat jumeriah is a resort by the coast in Dubai and the souk is like a small mall really, modern shops mixed with shops selling traditional arabic goodies, cafés and restaurants and am amphitheatre for entertainment. I'm sure as usual, that there is probably more there I haven't discovered yet! 

When you walk out to the canals at the back, it is a beautiful sight! Overlooking the famous 7 star hotel, Burj Al Arab. 

The architecture and Arabic designs are gorgeous and I love all the old looking wooden beams and doors. 

Here are a few of the treasures you can find here. 

William enjoyed himself out in the sunshine and giving grandad the run around! 

Great few hours in a serene and lovely place. This is one of our regular spots I take visitors! 


  1. What an amazing place, and you are right the architecture is beautiful isn't it! No wonder you love to take your guests there!! xx

  2. WOW, it's all so beautiful and the colours gorgeous.
    Anne xx

  3. We loved it there. Your pictures are great x

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies, its a gorgeous place!


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