Thursday, 6 March 2014

Crochet mood blanket

I know, I'm late, like really late! But I've had a busy few weeks. I have managed to get some more of my mood blanket done though. The colour choices seem to have evolved into basically choosing what I feel like crocheting with next! 

It's going well and I feel like I am getting somewhere with it. I have cunningly cropped the wonky edges out of the picture. They are shocking! I am hoping when I do the border I can stretch it out a bit. Any recommendations??? 

I am still really enjoying seeing all the blankets on the mood blanket Facebook page. It keeps giving me ideas for other projects that I don't have time for yet! 

My next project is going to be a granny stripe blanket using colours based on a 'nautical' theme. So I have been wool shopping this afternoon and got two kinds of blue, a bright red and soft grey. I will be starting it tomorrow and have got to get a move on with it as it's for a birthday in a few weeks. 

So how is everyone getting on with your current works in progress?? 


  1. It looks great Charlotte, no idea how to sort out the edges though I'm afraid, what about a few rows of just plain DC would that help sort of pull it all together? xx


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