Sunday, 2 March 2014

Emirates palace hotel, Abu Dhabi

This is the amazing Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. You may remember i visited Abu Dhabi a couple of weeks ago with my parents while they were here on holiday. I have finally got round to posting about our little look around the Emirates Palace Hotel. It is a gigantic, commanding structure, in the heart of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

It is free to go in and have a look around the main part of the hotel, and worth popping in if you are in Abu Dhabi. I think the cheapest room i could find online was about £300 a night. To be fair, it wasn't as expensive as i thought it would be but wow the place is amazing!

You are greeted by dancing fountains, before ascending up the wide steps to the hotel. Every bit of it screams money and opulence and luxury. When you enter the hotel, it opens up to a magnificent domed, central reception room. Golds, warm orange hues and detailed carvings on the ceiling.

A selection of cakes on offer in one of the lounges. They almost look too delicate to eat! You can have afternoon tea here as a visitor or overnight guest, for around 250 AED (£45/50).

This was one of two tapestries adorning the walls near the rear of the hotel. It is hard to capture the detail in a photograph but they were amazing. They ran the length of the wall and were huge! A lot of work and skill has gone into making these!

While we were strolling around, taking in the scenery, a brilliant pianist took to the keys. We stopped and listened for a while, the music was beautiful and really added to the whole ambiance of the palace.

This is the view from the back of the hotel. As we are mere commoners and not paying guests we could not go outside. You can see the docks in the background with yaughts and boats lining the edge of the water. The beach was gorgeous, clean, soft sand, all glistening in the bright sunshine.

This bit made us giggle... a GOLD ATM, as in, you can draw out GOLD bars or gold trinkets.  I tried to convince my dad but he just said his card would get declined haha.

The Emirates palace was a beautiful place to have a wonder around, and i am sure if you can afford the hefty price tag then a few nights/weeks stay here would be amazing. After our visit, we took a drive down to the Corniche beach and had a really lovely walk along the coast. As always the weather was awesome and William enjoyed having a paddle in the crystal clear sea with Grandad. We topped the day off with a pizza and iced coffee for lunch before heading home.


  1. What a wonderful place and your description has certainly made me want to visit x

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I will never get to visit, but I did have a friend who went there to teach a quilting class one summer, and her stories were wonderful, too.


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