Sunday, 30 March 2014

Quilting exhibition, Dubai festival city

Popped to the festival city mall today to do a bit of food shopping and came across a quilting exhibition! 

Not quite what I was expecting to see! But what a treat! People had entered their quilting masterpieces into a competition and they were being displayed in the mall. 

Some were very traditional and some were a bit different, using different textiles and creating 3d effects. The colours were brilliant! My favourites were the brightly coloured ones that really stand out! 

They are true works of art! I was just taken back by the effort, skill and time they must have taken to complete! I knew straight away I should take a few snaps with my phone to show you all. Although it's impossible to pick up on the detail and accuracy of them when raking quick pics. 

I thought this owl one was very cute and the swirly design of the quilting on the yellow fabric was crazy, just perfect. I don't know how they do it! 

This one was also spectacular! It won judges recommendation and definitely deserves it! The overall image, the tiny details and just how the creator has managed such a solid piece of work look so delicate! It almost looks like a painting! I am extremely jealous of this one and wish I could have a go myself. This takes massive dedication, time and skill. Maybe one day... 

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  1. Wow, they are beautiful, so different from the "normal" sort of quilts that you see, which I like, but these are so amazing. I really like the owls and the last one that you showed - judges recommendation - that is just amazing. I never would have expected there to be an exhibition of quilts in Dubai. These are the sort of things that I am so enjoying finding out about on your blog, as I know nothing about where you live really and it is fascinating! xx


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