Thursday, 10 April 2014

April showers? More like pouring!

Well... Metaphorically pouring in our house hold this month...

The month began with my son William tripping over a cushion which resulted in him breaking his femur bone! Yep, tripping over a soft cushion. Rubbish story, not even rock and roll at all! Obviously he was in a lot of pain and after a visit to the a and e at city hospital in Dubai our orthopaedic consultant gave us the bad news. His x ray looked horrendous! I couldn't believe it! People kept telling me it was really hard to break your femur and he has probably just sprained it or at worst dislocated it. But no! 

He was promptly booked in to theatre for a manipulation to realign the bones and apply a hip spica cast. The cast was big, scary looking and damm hard to look after! As it was plaster it got damp when nappies leaked at night and sweaty and covered in chocolate milk and all sorts. The cast is meant to stay on for 4 to 6 weeks.  

The first 3 or 4 nights were not good. He would cry out in pain because he kept having muscle spasms on and off all night. We gradually started to get used to the situation and were finding ways of dealing with things. We made sure we took him out for a walk in his push chair each day to get out of the house. He came off the pain killers and was fairly happy during the day. 

You may have noticed I am using past tense there... 

Because yesterday morning we had an appointment for x ray and check up at the hospital. But unfortunately the x ray showed his bone had moved since being in plaster and was now completely wonky, about a 45o angle! We were obviously gutted! So this meant booking him in to theatre again for another general anaesthetic to take the cast off, realign the bone and fit a new cast! Baring in mind that William is only 2 years old, usually a very lovely child and loves his swimming and playing at the park. 

So we have had to start again which is really annoying! We feel like the last week has been an absolute waste of time! And that William has gone through it all and been in pain for nothing! So the 6 weeks starts again! We have an appointment on Sunday to check it again so we are not leaving it so long this time, just in case! 

Lots of watching despicable me and playin iPad games. We managed to find quite a few new games for him that involve puzzles and colour matching etc so it gives his brain a little work out. You can't help but feel guilty relying on these electronic devices but needs must! As soon as he gets better we will be back to our usual active activities! 

This cast seems more robust at the moment and although it covers more of him, hopefully it will be easier to look after. 

If anyone has experience of this sort of thing I would love to hear about it! Any tips on keeping the cast clean? Things we can do with him to entertain him and keep him happy while having to lie down all the time? 

So this month so far has definitely been April showers and more! I am really hoping that nothing else happens! Eek! 


  1. No tips I'm afraid, but I am so sorry to hear this news, I hope that the new cast helps things more than the plaster one did. Hope too that he won't be in pain now. Thinking of you all and hoping for a great and wait recovery. Hugs xx

  2. I was so sorry to hear about poor Williams accident from you MIL but to think he has had to have another operation and start all over again, that must be so hard for you all. I hope things go smoothly this time and it heals quickly and perfectly of course. There are no rules as regards keeping William entertained in this situation, anything that keeps him happy is fine I would say, I wish I some advise, I will have a think and if I come up with anything will let you now. Thinking of you all and sending gentle hugs to William. xx

  3. I do feel for your little fella and how frustrating it must be for him. And I feel for you too, it's not an easy task to look after a little one in a cast. I hope he heals well this time. Thinking of you.
    Anne xx

  4. Oh, poor William! And poor you, too, having all this worry and heartache. Hope all goes well, now. It must be hard to keep him entertained, but perhaps electronic stories might help. Best wishes.

  5. Poor lad - what a horrid thing to happen. One of my lads dislocated his knee at a similar age by falling over the fire guard...

    Hopefully this time he is really on the mend.



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