Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Crafty Under water scene

William and I love doing crafty activities together. William especially loves painting (and making a mess). 

I decided as we live so near the sea and have visited lots of aquariums here in Dubai, we should do some activities based on an underwater sea theme. I spent quite a While perusing Pinterest for so e ideas and came up with all this lot!

First of all we sponge painted a large piece of cardboard. After moving we had some bits and bobs lying around so we tried to recycle some, some bubble wrap got painted brown and black to turn into some rocks, some cereal box cardboard got painted green and cut into sea weed shapes and we used an old paper bowl to turn into a crab by painting it red, adding pipe cleaner legs and googley eyes! We also used a toilet roll tube as an octopus. 

Another activity that always goes down well with William is hand printing! Probably because it gives him an excuse to get into a big mess! There are loads of ideas on Pinterest and Google for what you can turn your hand and foot prints into. So we used Williams prints as a lobster, hermit crab, sea horse and a jelly fish! 

Our star fish was simply an old cereal box cardboard. We painted it, added googley eyes and drew on a mouth. William also thoroughly enjoyed applying a lot of glitter to it!

We have a bit of a gap in the middle where we hope to do some more crafting once William can sit at he table. He is still in a big cast after breaking his leg but hopefully he will be out of it in a few weeks and we can carry on! 

So what do you think of our underwater sea theme? Pretty cool hey! Have a go yourself with your little ones and let me know how you get on! 

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