Thursday, 29 May 2014

All tied up!

I have been on the sewing machine again! I have wanted to show you these for a few weeks but as they were a gift for my hubby for our anniversary, I had to wait until I had given them to him, just in case he decided to check my blog! You never know!

I have made him many ties in the past, usually with full on flowery patterned fabric. I went for something a bit different this time, bright, colourful and very eye catching! 

I also used a slightly different method this time. I used on of his other ties as a starting point to make my own pattern. I then roughly followed the method they used on the Great British Sewing Bee. This meant using a machine for the join and lining the ends, then hand stitching the length of the tie. I actually found this easier then how I made them before to be honest. It meant no turning through (which drives me mad!) and still looks just as good. You have to be fairly competent at hand stitching to do it this way. But as I have slip stitches many dresses in the past, this was fine with me. 

When looking for fabric in satwa, Dubai, I found this one below. At first I thought it would look awful. And in a way I think it does. But as my hubby is a technology teacher, he does carpentry and metal work etc and thought this fabric would be funny. I did it more as a joke to be honest. But he has worn it to school and I think the kids will think its funny. As hubby is young and 'cool' in the eyes of his students I think he can get away with it!

Just a quick post today, I have a little boy desperate to do some play dough this morning! 


  1. How clever are you!! They are amazing and I love the one with the screws on, just right for your husband to wear to school, no wonder his students love it! xx

  2. Such a good anniversary present to remind him of the tie you made for him to wear at the wedding x


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