Monday, 19 May 2014

Hooray it's off!


If you have been reading my blog lately, you will know that my 2 year old son had broken his femur. He had a cast on for 7 weeks and yesterday I took him to hospital to get it removed! 

It has been a very long 7 weeks and frustrating at times. As we live in Dubai, the weather is hotting up and it's been annoying that we couldn't take William swimming. So there were no soft play, playing at beach etc etc. very dull really. We could only take him out to places we could push him around in his buggy. 

But he has been so fantastic! He has always been a good boy, but it think he has been a superstar for putting up with his cast, getting hot and itchy. When we had the cast removed yesterday, we discovered he has got a nasty rash where the cast was. It looks pretty angry and red but he has been given antibiotic cream and medicine for it. Hopefully now it can get air to it, it will clear up quickly. 

Our follow up appointment is Wednesday just to check the movement he has got back, and to check the rash. He cannot walk on it yet, but he has been crawling around and putting weight on it, he stood up next to the sofa today which I was quite surprised at. He didn't say it hurt or anything so that's good! I'm sure each day he will show improvement. By the time we go back to the uk in the summer he will be fine. 

Getting back to arty activities today, with his play dough.

On the way home from hospital we stopped off at a friends for a while and she have us this cake she made. It's absolutely amazing! She has only just started learning how to do sugar craft and cake sculpting etc, and this was one she made on a course last week. She thought it would be nice for William to celebrate having his cast removed! How thoughtful is that! A very happy little tractor, for a very happy William!


  1. Glad to hear the the cast has been removed, the infection should clear up quite quickly with the meds and off course the air getting to his body now. He will be running around all over the place in no time at all wearing you all out.......yes he is a STAR

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so pleased for you and William - of course! - I hope that the checkup goes well and that you get the all clear to return to life at the soft play and beach and so on. The cake that your friend made is a triumph, she has a real talent. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (cause you can never be too pleased!) xx

  3. Awesome news and an awesome cake! So happy that William has had his cast removed!


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