Friday, 9 May 2014

Simple girls dress

A special little girl is turning 3 next week, and I decided to dust off the sewing machine to make her a little gift. I have been living in Dubai for about 8 months now, and did not bring any sewing patterns with me, or equipment for that matter. So I've borrowed a sewing machine and took a trip down to satwa for the fabrics. 

I know this little girl loves pink, so when I saw this bright, fruity punk fabric I knew it would make a gorgeous dress for her! 

I searched online for a simple pattern I could recreate myself and found this one here by Prudent Baby...

I think the measurements are probably a bit big for what I need, but I'm sure she will grow into it. I would rather make something that will last longer than only getting a few wears out of it. The style is pretty roomy and flows nicely so I'm sure it will look cute! The tutorial was very easy to follow, the pictures were great, and as it is such a simple pattern, you can adapt it and change it up a bit however you want. There are quite a few other patterns and tutorials on their website so go over and check it out. 

I liked he little strap detail, with the one shoulder design. The gentle ruffle adds a bit of interest too. It was very easy to make and I would like to make some more. A trip back to he fabric shops at satwa will be called for! You can get a fab selection of prints and they are fairly cheap. I think this cotton print was about 15 aed a yard, so about £2.50? 

I got myself some nice striped blue and white cotton fabric too, I am hoping to make myself a dress from it but am yet to find a pattern I can replicate. If you see any please let me know! I have also been doing a bit of seeing for a gift for the hubby for our anniversary in a few weeks, so I will post about that soon. 

William has still got his cast on... Hopefully he should get it removed next weekend, all being well. It has really been dragging this past week or so, but it didn't help that I have been unwell the past few days. We have a few plans for next week so hopefully being busy will help the time go quickly. He has been so amazing though, there have been hard times when he has got frustrated and fed up. But on the whole he has been such a good boy. It is his Aunty Lindsay's birthday today so I will leave you with a picture we sent her this morning, a little collage of photos of them together and William with his birthday card for her. 


  1. The dress is so pretty! Sorry to hear that you haven't been well, I hope that you are better now. Both you and William will be glad to have his cast taken off I'm sure, so I hope that the time comes soon and that all is well. xx

  2. What a great post. I love that dress and know the birthday girl will too. X


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