Sunday, 8 June 2014

Family time and cooking

Yup... It is a good 40oc most days now here in Dubai. Hot hot hot! So although it is nice to spend some time outdoors, in the pool etc it's also nice to keep cooler inside. William and I have been keeping busy with all this lot...

Making apple and cinnamon topping for our porridge. Yes it's perhaps a bit weird to be eating hot breakfasts in this heat, but it's yummy! Got the idea from where she made a similar thing but with plums I think. Went down fairly well with William, until he got some chunks of apple that weren't mashed enough so he spat them out. Lovely. 

Ok this was me not William, but still. I finished the flower garland I had been making. I wanted to try out some new flower patterns and attempted to make some up of my own based on ones I had found online. They worked quite well and I have turned them into bunting so it can be hung up as decoration. If I had a little girl, I would be tempted to use them as curtain tie backs, I just thought it might be cute. But so,show I don't think they really go in a boys room with lightning McQueen curtains!

Williams Aunty briony is back in Barcelona and getting ready for another sail around the med. She works on a huge boat and will be spending the summer travelling around the Mediterranean with the owners, seeing some lovely sights I am sure. But this weekend she was feeling a bit poorly, so William made her a little card. Obviously post is not an option so I photographed it to send her online. The fishy plasters and stamp pens are bound to make her feel better, according to William. 

We did some more cooking and made some pumpkin cookies this morning. This is another one of my attempts at being a sneaky mummy and getting some veg in William without him realising it. Yes I know...there's sugar in the recipe but we all need a bit of everything! He thoroughly enjoyed helping me make them, lots of mixing and tasting of the mixture before baking. You can find the recipe here... 
It made quite a few, so some may be heading to work with hubby tomorrow and some going to a play date with William. I did alter the recipe slightly... I used a mixture of 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour and 1/2 cup porridge oats instead of the plain plain flour, cinnamon instead of nutmeg (didn't have it), and half and half brown sugar and caster sugar. Just a few ways I was hoping to make them a tad more healthy. I haven't bothered with the icing although I'm sure that will make them even yummier! 

We try to make sure we have some quality family time at the weekends, and this time we visited JBR here in Dubai. Jumeirah Beach Residence, is next to the marina and has recently been done up and it is lovely. There are loads of new shops and restaurants along the front by the beach, and the beach itself is nice too. I have mentioned it in posts before I think. Well as William is up and about now, (he decided last Thursday he is just gona walk everywhere again now), we took him to the splash playground by the beach. It cost 60 aed for one hour of splashing and fun in the water. There are various sea themed fountains and squirted a etc to play with. It was good, and William did enjoy it although I think we are a bit spoiled with the pool we have in our complex at home. He would have had just as much fun at home in our communal pool and it wouldn't have cost us a penny. But it was nice to try, and I am sure if you live in Dubai without a good pool or are just visiting here on holiday then it's worth a trip. 

We also had lunch at a restaurant called Eggspectstion. The food was good, I must admit I didn't even look inside as it was so busy so there were no tables available and we ate outside. Service was good, William had about three different breakfasts. Toast, my pancakes and daddy's fry up! 

Right, better get on with the dinner as I have two hungry boys waiting. I will be back soon as I have some of Williams crafts and art work to show you that he has been making for Father's Day! 

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  1. Lovely to catch up on what you have been up to and so great to see that William is obviously feeling all better now and just getting on with life! I am sure that he must be right about the get well card, such loveliness from any nephew would have to cheer you up! xx

  2. I have really enjoyed reading that post ... All looks so much better now William is up and about xx


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