Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Father's Day cards

It's no long until Father's Day, so for the last couple of weeks William and I have been working on some arty gifts for daddy. In this post I thought I would share the Father's Day card ideas we have been trying. We have also been making a couple of gifts which I will post about soon. Now these were made for Father's Day but can obviously be adapted for other occasions and other people!

Now, I am all for home made! Hand made, unique, made with your own family/recipient in mind. I referred to trusty Pinterest for some ideas on things to make and started with this lot...

"I love you to pieces"

Fairly self explanatory really. Fold a piece of paper or card into three, write your message and let your little one stick the pieces down. I had to draw the heart for William and do the writing as he is only 2 1/2 years old. To make the 'pieces', William used some stamp pens and crayons etc to colour on some paper. I then gave him some children's scissors to try and cut it up. 

As you can imagine, William was not massively successful at the cutting part so I did some for him. Although, it did give him a chance to practice those fine motor skills that everyone harps on about! Using coordination to open and close the scissors and stick the pieces inside the heart shape. It also gave us the opportunity to talk about and find shapes and colours. 

"My daddy is one in a minion!"

I'm not sure whether to admit to who actually ended up cutting and drawing the minion here... Either I am terrible at drawing, or it have a wonderfully advanced toddler... I will let you decide. William absolutely loves the Despicable Me movies, it was his go to movie when laid up with a broken leg or when we were travelling and flying at Christmas. I think he probably knows all the lines from both movies, which is a tad sad... 

You will most likely find much vpbetter versions of this card online and on Pinterest, but never mind. This is our attempt. Sometimes when doing arts and crafts with little ones you have to work quickly! 

"Lego daddy"

Now this is a bit of an odd one I suppose... My hubby loves Lego. He teaches kids to make Lego men models in his design and technology classes at school and he loves the whole design and styling of everything Lego. So this is quite a personal one for my hubby! As you can see from the picture we basically painted some cardboard toilet roll tubes and Drew Lego features on them. I stapled these to some card and wrote a message for daddy. I happened to have some Lego stickers left over from something and William really enjoyed sticking them on. 

William is obsessed with stickers at the moment. OBSESSED I tell you! Nearly every crafty thing we make has to have stickers on it! But again, I figure that him peeling them off the paper and sticking them down where you want them is all practicing those fine motor skills and hand eye coordination etc.  you can't read in the picture but the Lego bricks have words on them which we thought could be associated with his dad, 'my favourite', 'cool', 'best' and 'fun'. 

"My daddy is out of this world"

This one was really fun to make! Again, we recycled some toilet roll tubes and painted them to turn them into a rocket. I fashioned some sort of cone for the top, and William stuck stickers (obsessed) on it for windows and special oddly shaped things that you may find on a rocket. He also found stars and planet stickers to decorate the background. 

Finished off with a cheesy quote. 

"This is the hand you used to hold when I was only 2 years old, and this is the foot you tickled"

Hand and foot prints with paint. Always a winner! 

Sometimes I am not sure who likes making these things more, me or William. We have been doing some crazy painting today which I will show you soon, we just need to finish it all off! In the mean time, have fun making your Father's Day gifts and cards and have a lovely day!


  1. I think that they are all lovely!!! I am sure that William's Daddy will love and treasure them, especially the hand and footprint ones, they will be a real memory in years to come! xx

  2. Lucky Daddy and lucky William who has a Mummy who will do crafty things with him.

  3. Fantastic creations - the best way to learn is to 'play' together, you both obviously enjoy it.


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