Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Father's Day gifts

Following on from my post about Father's Day cards, here are some of the arty gifts William and I have been making for Father's Day. 

"Terrific ties"

Another lot of ideas from Pinterest I must admit! But it is so useful for activities for kids, especially as William is at home with me all week and does not attend a nursery. This is self explanatory really, William painted and coloured a piece of card, I cut it into a tie shape and added some ribbon so dear hubby can (and will!) wear it around his neck! My hubby loves his ties! He wanted to bring all 100 of them out to Dubai when we moved last summer but I had to restrict it to 40 as we didn't have much space. (He also wanted to bring a 'trumpet holder', pasty shaper and approximately 15 old school mobile phones for his product design lessons, needless to say, they remained behind in the uk).

"My daddy rocks!"

Absolutely hilarious play on words here.. Haha. We invited a couple of Williams friends round for a play date to do this one as I thought it would be a fun activity for them to do together. He was the oldest in this set of 3 comrades and it was funny watching them do it. There is a very lucky daddy round the corner who will be receiving a mushy brown/purple painted rock for Father's Day from his 18month old little boy. 

Unfortunately, the day we decided to do this activity, hubby happened to return home from work really early so he kinda spoiled it. We had to go out and get the rock in time for Williams friends to turn up, so as we accompanied hubby outside on his way to the pool, he cottoned on to the fact we were searching for rocks. He also returned back from the pool as we are in the middle of painting. But never mind, it was funny and it's the thought that counts! 

"Bag it up"

Now that we had a little collection of things to give daddy, we needed a bag to put them in. So we were killing about 3 birds with 1 stone with this activity...
1. We needed a bag for the goodies.
2. I had been advised by a friend who is a physio, to get William to make circle shapes with his legs, as a way to get him moving his joints and exercise his legs to build the strength back up after having broken his leg a few months ago. 
3. It is messy and fun. That alone is a good enough reason for us.

I attempted to protect some of the floor by taping down some bin liners. (I really should get a big waterproof wipe clean table cloth). Then basically let William go mad with a plate of paint. Apologies for the lack of clothes on William, but there was no way he was doing this activity fully clothed! 

He absolutely loved making foot and hand prints, wiping paint all over the paper (and floor). Again it gave us the chance to talk about colours, making shapes and lines, using left or right hands and feet etc. it's amazing how much you can talk about and what little ones learn through doing simple activities like this. I can see us doing this many more times!

The massive roll of paper was from ikea but you could use a cheap wall paper lining roll or something. The paints were from ikea too and I have found them great as they are lovely bright colours but also wash off fairly easily. Instructions on how to make aYour own paper gift bag can be found here...

As you can imagine, we both had to get in the shower after doing this!

Well I hope you have enjoyed reading about our Father's Day activities and I hope if you have little ones you have managed to have a go yourselves! Whatever you do this weekend have a fab time! 


  1. I love the daddy rocks!!!! They are a great present idea. xx

  2. Love it all, so good to find phsio thats messy and fun, hugs from Ginny (your Mums friend)

  3. Wonderful fun for all, that pinterest has a lot to answer for!


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