Monday, 2 June 2014

Mum makes pancakes...

I love scrolling through Pinterest and classy blogs looking at gorgeous photographs of food and beautifully displayed yummy creations! I happily 'pin' away, saving ideas to a board filled with healthy, yummy dinners and gooey chocolate treats! 

In reality, about 10% of these recipes ever actually get made in my house! Most of the time they don't look as perfect as the photos that enticed me to try them. I don't know why. Maybe I'm just rubbish at cooking, maybe I am just too eager to stuff my face with it to take any time over presentation. Anyway, this week I tried a recipe for oat pancakes. You can find the beautiful blog recipe here... 

I was attracted to this recipe as my son enjoys pancakes but I wanted them to be a bit healthier. I figured using whole wheat flour is good for you, honey rather than white sugar and oats for all the goodness they have! All the ingredients are a regular in my cupboards too, so we can make them on a whim. We both love cinnamon too so this was sure to be a winner... And it actually was! I found it pretty successful! They tasted yummy, they looked... Well ok they looked like brown splats but that didn't seem to bother William! 

Instagram does wonders doesn't it? I use it for most of my blog photos nowadays, they just make my quick iPhone snaps look a bit more thought out and professional haha. Now if I was a posh, accomplished food blogger, I would have pretty photographs of the pancakes from various angles on attractive plates, perhaps with different toppings, taken in a shabby chic white dining room... (No offence to these bloggers AT ALL! I love them, they encourage me to bake and cook and blog)

Well in reality, I am a (hungry) mum of a two and a half year old hungry toddler waiting for his pancakes.  In the ten seconds it took me to plate them up and bring them to the previously tidy table, William had managed to cover it in crumbly play dough. 

However, I am not going to bother tidying it all up again and get out special plates to take photos etc. 

This is us. 

Wooden chopping board, oddly shaped yummy pancakes with fruit and yogurt, chunky wood table, splatterings of play dough and a very happy little boy eating his yogurt with his fingers. 


  1. It doesn't matter one bit what they look like as long as they taste good. it's lovely to see William up and about again let him make as much mess as he likes. :)

  2. It is all well and good taking beautiful photos if you don't actually want to eat what you have cooked, but surely the eating is the most important part!! I would much rather see pictures like yours and know that you have actually eaten the food. Glad that they were lovely. xx


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