Wednesday, 25 June 2014

New hats for new babies!

I was commissioned by another photographer here In Dubai to make her some newborn baby hats. She uses them as props for her photo shoots and after looking at the results of her previous shoots, I'm sure they are going to look gorgeous! 

If you fancy checking out her website, here is the link...

So before she can publish her professional photos of the hats, here is my little collection.

I found some patterns online and adapted them for what Sarah wanted. The striped elf hat was quite fiddly but very cute! The grey hat has flowers that are detachable, that way it can be used for boys and girls. I think my favourite is the chunky blue one with wooden buttons. It's a simple, textured pattern, I love the colour and the buttons finish it off nicely. 

It has inspired me to do a few more hats, as I don't usually do them. Living in Dubai, there isn't much need for them to be honest. I have niece and nephew birthdays in the winter so I may create some for them! 


  1. They are all so lovely!! I cannot choose a favourite! They are all too nice. xx

  2. Fabulous little hats for photo props!


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