Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Yas circuit racing, Abu Dhabi!

We are coming to the end of our first academic year here in Dubai. My husband has absolutely loved his new school and has had a fantastic year there. It is always nerve wracking starting a new job. With new staff, different personalities to get to know, new students, new school campus, changing from a public British school to a private, fee paying British curriculum school in Dubai... Let alone moving our family to another country and setting up life again, it has been a busy year for my hubby. 

One of the big achievements of his new department at school has been winning the UAE finals of F1 in schools competition. The competition involved a group of students designing and making a miniature model f1 car. The students had to put in a lot of work for this project, not only with the making of the car but also securing funding, a design portfolio and team work. The students have been amazing and absolutely deserved to win. In fact, the two teams that the school put forward came 1st and 2nd!

The 1st team will be going on to the world championship finals in Abu Dhabi in November, same week as the F1 final race. So good luck to them for that! 

But their prize for winning the regionals was a trip to Abu Dhabi for a passenger experience in a two seater F1 car! So last weekend, we took a little trip to Abu Dhabi, had a night in a hotel, relaxing and enjoying time with hubby's department members. On the Saturday afternoon, the F1 students joined us at Yas Marina circuit for their passenger experiences. 

The staff members who took part in the project also got a ride along, so hubby got suited up and ready for his thrilling ride in the F1 car. 

I think he was a bit nervous at first but more because he wasn't the one in control driving. However, he had an amazing time! The driver he had was really giving it some! At one point he somehow managed to spin the car on one of the corners, right where we were stood watching. It just shows how much effort the driver was putting in! They reached speeds of over 230mph. Absolutely crazy!

As the students were too short to see out of the F1 cars, they had a ride in Astin Martins instead which went just as fast! The kids were buzzing after their rides and enjoyed it so much! A treat well deserved by all! 

After that, the students and staff had a few goes at kart racing. William had come along with us and was desperate to go on the go karts but was too young bless him. He did try on a helmet though!

We stayed at the radison blu hotel on Yas island and had a fantastic weekend. The hotel was lovely, good pool and nice facilities. Hopefully we will get another few nights there for the finals in November! 


  1. What a great experience for you all!! It is so nice that you were able to go as a family to enjoy it. Well done to the two teams at the school as well! xx

  2. Brilliant .. What an experience x


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