Monday, 25 August 2014

End of the summer... back in Dubai

So another summer holiday has come and gone.... This was our first summer in Dubai and we had nearly 7 weeks back in the uk visiting family. We had a great time. Now we are back, it seems to have gone so quickly! I was obviously far too busy tracking around visiting people to blog much over the holidays, so here are some snap shots of what we got up to.

A week in Spain with my brother and his wife. Fun in the sun with special people! 

Train rides, water boats and pooh sticks in south devon.

Celebrating grandads birthday.

Model village and more train rides in Buckinghamshire with Aunty Rachel.

Chilling with cousins, and bed time stories read by Ben.

Searching for grufalo in the woods.

Seeing a real steam train in the devon country side with other grandma and grandad.
 It's been a great summer and interesting coming back to Dubai. Even though I was happy to be returning, and a lot less stressful and uncertain than arriving here last summer, I still don't feel like it is "home". Maybe another year will do it. We have a few days before my husband goes back to work, so have been enjoying the sunshine and heat by the pool again, and getting settled again by restocking the kitchen cupboards! 

Our normal daily routines will begin again once hubby is at work. This school year I aim to help William make more friends, socialising and learning more before he starts at nursery/school next year. I have a feeling this year is going to go pretty quickly, so we need to make the most of it! The summer went by so quick, we had fun times with family and friends and it was so good to see them all again. I think now that we live so far away it makes us feel like we need to have quality time with our family when we do see them! Building memories and relationships for William. There was some sad days during the end of our stay in the uk. Unfortunately my nan died, at the ripe old age of 101 and a half she had a good innings! I will share some old photos of her with you soon. 
So back to 'reality' in Dubai, if you can call it that. Hubby off to play golf this evening, I'm off for manicures tomorrow, and William back to saying, 'I need air con on mummy, I'm hot and sweaty!'




  1. I am sorry to hear about your Nan, she must have seen an awful lot of life in her 101 years, pretty amazing. It must have been a sad ending to your holiday. I am sure that you will treasure your memories. Hugs to you. xx

  2. Sorry to hear about your nan - I assume you were able to see her when in the UK before she died. Just found your blog - will be back.

    1. Hi Gillian, thanks for popping by, welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment. Yes I did manage to see my nan once while I was back so I'm glad about that!

  3. So sorry to read of your Nan's passing. A sad ending to your holiday. Wishing you well back in Dubai.

  4. Sorry to hear about your Nan passing away, but what a great age to get to! I hope you had a good holiday though.

    You asked about the crochet rose pattern on my page....I used this one

  5. What a lovely post...... We enjoyed every single minute with you x

  6. Thank you for your comments ladies, much appreciated! I have just posted a few pics of my nan.

  7. such an interesting city, there so many things to do in Dubai, so many places to visit!! amazing place!!



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