Tuesday, 30 September 2014

'D' week - back to school

Delving into 'D' week...

This is probably going to be one of Williams favourite weeks, take a look.

Dinosaur printing. Painting dinosaur feet and stamping them onto paper.

Dinosaur stamps. This Melissa and Doug stamp set is awesome. One of his aunties gave it to him for his birthday last year and he loves it! There are other themed sets too, take a look on Amazon. 

We have also been to the library and found these great books, stomp dinosaur stomp and Abu Ali's donkeys.

Dough. We made our own playdough using a recipe I found online. No cooking required, just flour, salt, hot water and a bit of oil. William has enjoyed this so much! I have been leaving it in a tuperwear box on the table and he keeps returning back to it for a quiet half an hour here and there.

Dinosaur tracks. We used his dinosaurs to make tracks in the dough. William loved seeing the shapes appear, rolling the dough again and repeating. 

Our baking for this week was obviously going to involve a Dough. Now, I don't know about you but I struggle to get fruit and veg into William. As a baby he was brilliant and ate almost anything. Nowadays though he just doesn't fancy it. I am constantly on the look out for sneaky ways of getting fruit and veg into dishes for William without him really realising. So this week we made a Dough with mango purée. 

I found the recipe here for these teething biscuits for babies http://www.familyfeedbag.com/2011/10/baby-cakes.html
I just substituted the prunes for mango. It worked really well and William ate loads of them! It only took him about 3 days to eat all this lot! Now personally, I thought they were a bit gross, probably because there is no sugar in them! But William didn't seem to care. I will probably make some more of these next week as they went down so well! 

The last thing I did was to print off some letter writing pages, you know, ones with dotted lines for kids to follow. I know this is probably way too early for William as he isn't even three yet, but I thought I would give it a go and just introduce him to the whole process really. He did it really well, and when encouraged he thought it was brilliant! He even dragged one of my friends to the table to show her how he can do it. I was really proud of him for trying. 

I hope you are enjoying your week. :) 

'C' week - back to school

'C' week in our house, so here is what we have been up to, trying to learn our letters and having fun with crafty activities!

Printing Circles with a lemon

Making Caterpillars out of play dough

Colouring in a Caterpillar picture to be laminated and used as a placemat (as you can see, William may have had a little help with this one)

Squeasing in a bit of Crochet for me!

So far the letter activities I'm doing with William have kind of been made up on the spot... So about two minutes planning and preparation, ie. digging through the cupboards to see what we have to use. All the regulars have come out this week, colouring, painting and play dough. 

But.. Believe it or not, I have actually spent an hour this morning planning out the next few letters. So I have a rough idea of what we are going to do next! Check me out! Super mum alert! Ok, I won't go that far, but hopefully it will make the activities a bit more fun and varied for William. If you are looking for some ideas for your kids, chck out the blog www.alittlepinchofperfect.com

What have you been up this week? As always, please share your comments! 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Happy birthday to hubby!

Good look huh??? Haha last week was my hubby's 35th birthday. William had been spending some time in the previous weeks making his daddy some presents. Don't they look good?! 

Here's a better picture... I think he will approve of this one! To celebrate, we went out for a special dinner. Now, my hubby loves Asian food. So when I heard of an Asian tasting evening at Ibn Battuta Gate, Dubai, I thought it would be perfect. 

If you are anything like us when it comes to ordering food in restaurants and for take aways, we tend to  stick to the same old meals, no surprises, nothing too different. It's not that we don't like many foods, i just don't have the guts to order a whole dish of something different that could potentially be something I think is horrid. 

So this all you can eat (!), tasting menu was fab. We went to shanghai chic, at the Movenpuck Hotel atIbn  Battuta Gate. The restaurant was very nice and we were seated at one of the private booths. One of hubby's work mates came along with us too. We were given a menu from which you could choose whatever you wanted and you could keep ordering more fresh food to be served to you through out the evening. 

We tried lots of dishes, 15 all together! And it was a fab experience! The food was not the best Chinese we have had but it was amazing to try so much, and it was beautifully presented! The staff were great, and so lovely to William. He thoroughly enjoyed the duck pancakes and noodles! 

Chop sticks... Endless fun... Who knew!

The hotel was beautiful inside, filled with lanterns, water features, oh and a golden camel...

If you come to Dubai, it's worth a trip to this restaurant, another experience for the memory bank!

So happy birthday to my hubby. He is a special one. 

'B' week for William

Following on from my last post, William and I have been continuing our 'back to school' activities. This week was 'B' week, so here is our week in pictures!

Baking Biscuits

Bumble Bees



Each time we came across a word beginning with B in our conversations and play, we wrote it on a piece of paper that we have stuck on the fridge. William thoroughly enjoyed running to the fridge to write on another word! 

Our alphabet study is evolving each week... I am a bit slow posting I'm afraid and already we are behind, so we are going to spend two weeks on 'C'. That's the joy of playing and learning at home I guess, it doesn't matter if you are late, if you go off on a tangent, or if you simply bin it all off for a few days just to go out and play with friends! 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Back to school - kids craft activities

That time of year has come back around already... Back to school! 

I have seen loads of funny video clips, photos and poems over the last week, all about going back to school. Some are of mums celebrating as they can send their kids back to school and no longer have to find things to keep the busy! Others are of teachers, dreading the new school year! 

For us stay at home mums of toddlers I guess it's a bit of both! I have spent the summer travelling around visiting family and having days out, sharing the toddler care with the hubby and grandparents. Now we are back home and hubby is back to school/work, I feel I need to get back into a routine with William. (Not before having a nice dinner and ice cream treat down in Dubai marina obviously... See below)

Last week was a bit hit and miss as Hubby only worked a few days, and some time was spent catching up with friends here in Dubai. But William and I still managed to fit some crafting in! We were inspired by "A little pinch of perfect", a tot and preschool learning blog/website. I have been a follower of theirs on Instagram and have have finally got round to following the blog. 

Katie, from a little pinch of perfect, is going to spend the next 26 weeks focusing on the alphabet with her little ones. A letter a week and various activities based on that letter. I had a quick glance the other week and it gave me inspiration to do the same thing! So last week William created an Apple tree for A. 

We used an old squash bottle to print some green for leaves, then used the lid for the Apples. I'm not sure that William knows what I am going on about, but I keep mentioning it throughout the week anyway! We also cooked some Apple, carrot and cheddar cheese bites for snacks. Literally just grating it all into a bowl, mixing in an egg and a splash of milk, spooning it into a cupcake tin and baking until light brown. 

I hope that having something in particular to focus on, the alphabet, and doing a new letter each week will keep the learning fun for us both. William loves painting and using stickers so I am sure that will feature heavily! 

If you have little ones, take a look at Katie's blog, as it is really useful and she has awesome ideas! Also, let me know what you are up to! You can follow me on Pinterest, Instagram or via this blog. Buttons are at the top of the page!