Monday, 1 September 2014

Back to school - kids craft activities

That time of year has come back around already... Back to school! 

I have seen loads of funny video clips, photos and poems over the last week, all about going back to school. Some are of mums celebrating as they can send their kids back to school and no longer have to find things to keep the busy! Others are of teachers, dreading the new school year! 

For us stay at home mums of toddlers I guess it's a bit of both! I have spent the summer travelling around visiting family and having days out, sharing the toddler care with the hubby and grandparents. Now we are back home and hubby is back to school/work, I feel I need to get back into a routine with William. (Not before having a nice dinner and ice cream treat down in Dubai marina obviously... See below)

Last week was a bit hit and miss as Hubby only worked a few days, and some time was spent catching up with friends here in Dubai. But William and I still managed to fit some crafting in! We were inspired by "A little pinch of perfect", a tot and preschool learning blog/website. I have been a follower of theirs on Instagram and have have finally got round to following the blog. 

Katie, from a little pinch of perfect, is going to spend the next 26 weeks focusing on the alphabet with her little ones. A letter a week and various activities based on that letter. I had a quick glance the other week and it gave me inspiration to do the same thing! So last week William created an Apple tree for A. 

We used an old squash bottle to print some green for leaves, then used the lid for the Apples. I'm not sure that William knows what I am going on about, but I keep mentioning it throughout the week anyway! We also cooked some Apple, carrot and cheddar cheese bites for snacks. Literally just grating it all into a bowl, mixing in an egg and a splash of milk, spooning it into a cupcake tin and baking until light brown. 

I hope that having something in particular to focus on, the alphabet, and doing a new letter each week will keep the learning fun for us both. William loves painting and using stickers so I am sure that will feature heavily! 

If you have little ones, take a look at Katie's blog, as it is really useful and she has awesome ideas! Also, let me know what you are up to! You can follow me on Pinterest, Instagram or via this blog. Buttons are at the top of the page!


  1. That's a great idea... Hope you gave lots of fun.x

  2. Crafting with little ones can be great fun. Messy but fun.


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