Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Happy birthday to hubby!

Good look huh??? Haha last week was my hubby's 35th birthday. William had been spending some time in the previous weeks making his daddy some presents. Don't they look good?! 

Here's a better picture... I think he will approve of this one! To celebrate, we went out for a special dinner. Now, my hubby loves Asian food. So when I heard of an Asian tasting evening at Ibn Battuta Gate, Dubai, I thought it would be perfect. 

If you are anything like us when it comes to ordering food in restaurants and for take aways, we tend to  stick to the same old meals, no surprises, nothing too different. It's not that we don't like many foods, i just don't have the guts to order a whole dish of something different that could potentially be something I think is horrid. 

So this all you can eat (!), tasting menu was fab. We went to shanghai chic, at the Movenpuck Hotel atIbn  Battuta Gate. The restaurant was very nice and we were seated at one of the private booths. One of hubby's work mates came along with us too. We were given a menu from which you could choose whatever you wanted and you could keep ordering more fresh food to be served to you through out the evening. 

We tried lots of dishes, 15 all together! And it was a fab experience! The food was not the best Chinese we have had but it was amazing to try so much, and it was beautifully presented! The staff were great, and so lovely to William. He thoroughly enjoyed the duck pancakes and noodles! 

Chop sticks... Endless fun... Who knew!

The hotel was beautiful inside, filled with lanterns, water features, oh and a golden camel...

If you come to Dubai, it's worth a trip to this restaurant, another experience for the memory bank!

So happy birthday to my hubby. He is a special one. 

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