Wednesday, 17 September 2014

'B' week for William

Following on from my last post, William and I have been continuing our 'back to school' activities. This week was 'B' week, so here is our week in pictures!

Baking Biscuits

Bumble Bees



Each time we came across a word beginning with B in our conversations and play, we wrote it on a piece of paper that we have stuck on the fridge. William thoroughly enjoyed running to the fridge to write on another word! 

Our alphabet study is evolving each week... I am a bit slow posting I'm afraid and already we are behind, so we are going to spend two weeks on 'C'. That's the joy of playing and learning at home I guess, it doesn't matter if you are late, if you go off on a tangent, or if you simply bin it all off for a few days just to go out and play with friends! 


  1. He looks as if he is enjoying every moment!


  2. You will Cee, that it will all Bee A wonderful time!! xx


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