Friday, 17 October 2014

'E' week - back to school

E week with William has been a lot of fun! If you haven't seen my previous posts, William and I are focussing on a letter of the alphabet each week. We do crafty activities based on that letter, read books, form the letter in different ways and spot words beginning with it.  Here is our week in pictures...

Elma the Elephant

I began by roughly drawing so,e squares onto a piece of paper and asking William to colour each square a different colour. As William is not even three yet, this was easier said than done, so he needed a little help. We then Recycled a toilet roll tube by sticking on the coloured squares. I made some ears with a cut to slide them onto the tube. These got the Elma make over too. Googley eyes and an accordion trunk later and Elma is complete!

Letter forming

We tried a few different ways to make the 'e' shapes this week. First up was William trying to place his building blocks in the shape of an e. I think he kind of got it, at first he just seemed to pile them all on the paper in no particular shape. We also used pipe cleaners and bent them into shape and used the letter print outs I found to try and trace and copy them. William is doing surprising well at those actually, he is definitely trying to make the right shapes, I just think he needs to work on holding the pencils properly and controlling them a bit more. 

E for Elephants

Elephants obviously featured heavily in this weeks activities. So we had sticker mosaics (a cool sticker book William was given in the summer that had an elephant in it), stickers on an E (eyes, elephants, engines, eeyore), and an elephant mask (William wasn't too keen on wearing the mask so I let him take a picture of me in it). 

Another use for those coloured squares... An Elma collage, along with the book we had from the library. I think the Elma toilet roll is my favourite, it makes me giggle every time I look at it! 

Somehow, after all this, we managed to fit in some fun social time. Along with the regular visits with Williams friends, we went camping on the beach in Fujairah. We had a laugh and the BBQ was good, but note to self... Don't go camping again when it's 35oc at night still. Basically, only 3 hours sleep. 

We also went out for dinner with some friends from hubby's work. I snapped this picture as we were waiting for our car outside the hotel. When I went to look at it later, I couldn't believe how grown up William looks. He has changed so much in the year we have been in Dubai! 

Well that's our week. How have you all been? 

Monday, 6 October 2014

A very special project

I have the most wonderful news!!!

My brother and his wife are expecting their first baby! It is due in march next year and is a very special baby indeed. We are all over the moon about the news, it is a very long awaited baby and our family were all in floods of tears when he told us! 

So naturally I have to make them something! I have been down to the wool shops here in Dubai and picked out the most gorgeous microfibre yarn. It is sooooo soft and snuggly! I am using a granny stripe pattern for the blanket and I am loving it already!

The colours are amazing, so bright and cheerful! Each night I work on it I am thinking about the baby soon to be wrapped up in it! It is so exciting! 

I am hoping to have time to make some other little bits and bobs, like hats and booties, out of the same microfibre yarn too. I will be travelling back to the uk at Christmas time and will see my brother then, But will not see the baby until the following summer when it will already be 3 months old. 

I can't wait to show you the finished blanket. I seem to be working it up fairly quickly, I think it's the excitement coming out!