Tuesday, 11 November 2014

'F' week - back to school

We kicked off our 'F' Week with some fish activities. 

Painted Foil Fish

This was a really simple but fun activity for William. I gave him a large piece of kitchen foil and some paints and just let him go mad! It gives a great effect and William really enjoyed doing it. Once it was dried, i cut it into a body, and three fin shapes. I let William glue them down onto the paper and used a sharpie to draw on the details of the fish.


Now if i was at all prepared and thought ahead, i could have done some firework painting with William for bonfire night. But i wasnt. Ah well. 

But we did come across this little way of painting that William thought was absolutely awesome! I had an old spray bottle  and filled it with water and some food colouring. As we were doing the fish art work we chose blue. William loved spraying the water all over the paper, and table... and parts of the floor. I would say that food colouring is possibly not the best to use as its really hard to clean up! Some water colour or just watery poster paint would possibly be better. 

I think this would be a great way to do paintings of fireworks. If you have a nice outside space, maybe try doing it on a HUGE piece of paper. I might try this soon!

Continuing on with the fish theme, we had a little walk around the Dubai Mall and watched the fish in the big Aquarium. Kids love aquariums (and so do i), so a trip to an aquarium for F week would be great fun. If you cant manage that, maybe try a local garden centre as they often have fish for sale that you can go and look at too! 

Here in Dubai there are a few Aquariums, Dubai Mall Aquarium is great as you can walk through an under water tunnel. Atlantis on the Palm is also an amazing one, a bit pricey but definitely worth it! The coloured jelly fish were our favourite.

Fort Making

I have seen some awesome forts on Pinterest, tee-pees, tents and homemade ones. So this morning i quickly put this one together for William. Williams Grandma bought him two of these little tents for his birthday last year. We filled one with blankets, cushions and some special teddies, so that he could get comfy and read some books. I am hoping this will be a little cosey den for him to sneak off to entertain himself, we'll see how that goes!

You don't need your own tents for this, just make your own! Use some chairs as walls, and sheets or duvet covers to cover them, fill it with blankets, soft duvets and pillows and dive in!


We also made some Flapjacks for 'F' week. But in the excitement i forgot to take some pictures! Oops. Anyway, there are plenty of recipes online, we used this one... Chewy Peanut Butter Choc Chip bars. They are fairly healthy and you can beef them up with lots of dried fruits and nuts. 

How has your week been? If you have had a go at any of our activities please let us know! I would love to share them!


  1. Love the new look of your blog. It looks so clean and crisp! Love the activities and pictures of William even more. He seems to be growing so fast.love the idea of the den x


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