Friday, 7 November 2014

'G' week - back to school

G week was great fun! We took inspiration from 'a little pinch of perfect' and created this G for Giraffe picture to begin.

G is for giraffe 

 I was really pleased with how William started his painting for the G, he actually controlled his paint brush really well and kept to the shape. It was only when he got a bit over excited about it that it went a bit blobby! I am definitely seeing an improvement in his control and movement when colouring, painting and writing. I'm so pleased! I actually feel like I am doing a half decent job! 

We have joined a library here in Dubai and really enjoying attending. They do a story time on a Sunday morning which we have been to a few times now and William is really loving it. He has always had a love of books and reading, so he listens really nicely and participates in the singing too! We got some great books from the library for G week. 'Giraffes can't dance' developed into us dancing around the room, if I was prepared for that I would have printed off some giraffe masks for us to wear! 

Gingerbread men 

William loves using cookie cutters. More so if he is using them on biscuits he can actually eat. But never the less this activity was especially good as it meant we could make some bits for Christmas gifts. I used this recipe for cinnamon salt dough so they should smell nice on the tree. Personally I can only really smell the cinnamon when up close, so maybe I old put more cinnamon in next time. A bit of paint, sharpie for details and a bit of string to hang them up they were done! 

Glittery baubles 

Another Christmas related craft here, but the technique can be used for anything really. We revisited the foil painting that we did last week in order to make some baubles for cards. William painted onto foil and once it was dry, I cut them out for him to stick onto card. He then used a glue stick to make sploges on them and sprinkled Glitter on top. I actually think they are really cute! I finished them off with a thin black pen to add the string details. 

Get, Get, Going!

A few other ideas for Letter G crafts...

- Garden - William was let loose to do some free painting of a garden. Basically turned out with splashes of random bright colours, in no particular shape. When it was dry, we added some stickers of flowers and trees, leaves and butterflies. If you have slightly older children, simply doing some observational drawing of your garden would be awesome.

A treasure hunt or nature trail in the garden would be fun too! Draw or print some things you would find in the garden onto some paper, and let the kids go searching for them, ticking them off or colouring them in as they find them!

- Growing - growing plants or seeds would be a great activity for kids. It would give them a taste of responsibility for watering and looking after the plants, as well as the satisfaction of seeing it grow! We had a go at growing some cress seeds. These are soooo easy to do! And you don't need anything special to do it! We literally stuffed some tissue into an empty toilet roll tube, placed it in a small bowl and put some cress seeds inside the tissue. With regular watering they grew well, and quickly! 

- Grape prints - we ran out of time to try this one but we have done something similar before. Using an empty toilet roll tube (anyone would think I am obsessed with these at the moment!), dip the end in some purple or green paint and print onto some paper or card, creating a bunch of grapes. We have done this before but for hearts by squashing the tube into a heart shape. For more ideas like this try here... 

- Glasses - remember back in September when William and I made some gifts for my husbands birthday? Well he wears glasses a lot, and has developed a rather large collection of them. So we added to it by making some toilet roll (haha... Again... I'm seriously not doing this on purpose!) glasses. William painted a tube with some nice bright colours, the. I cut it into sections and cellotaped some pipe cleaners on to bring it all together. 

- Guitar - Try making one out of a shoe box and some string. Or if your little one already has one, get them to play the Guitar in the Garden while wearing Glasses and eating Grapes!

I hope you have enjoyed our round up of activities for G week. If you haven't already. Head over to A little pinch of perfect for more letter of the week ideas. And please share and send with me your photos and activities for letter week as we would love to see them!


  1. Looks like you had lots of fun with G!

  2. Lots of lovely G things. I really like the giraffe G!! xx


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