Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas crafts for kiddies

As you know, we love our homemade gifts and crafts in our house. William loves art, painting and crafting, and so do I! So each year at Christmas time, we try to make some gifts to take back to Williams grandparents. 

Now all these activities are really easy to prepare and use materials that are easy to get hold of, you probably have them already at home! So enjoy having a go at these over the next few weeks!

Glittery Baubles

We went back to an old favourite, painting foil. Different paints make different patterns and marks, its shiny and crinkly and noisey too! 

Simply paint with any colours you like, older children could maybe do some nice patterns of lines or zigzags and spots. Once it is dry, apply some glue and sprinkle on glitter. Cut the foil into circles and mount onto card, I used a thin black pen to draw on the hanging details. 

Christmas tree, oh christmass tree...

Two Christmas tree crafts here for you. Firstly, a washi tape christmass tree. This is pretty self explanatory, cut lengths of washi tape and stick onto paper in a triangle shape. If you don't have washi tape you could use normal trips of paper or card, ribbons, wool, string, Pom poms, painted cotton wool, the options are endless. 

For this spiral Christmas tree, just do some nice painting onto a piece of card, then cut into a spiral shape once it's dry. I also cut out small circles from the painted card scraps and William glued them on as baubles. Again, you could add glitter, Pom poms, scrunched up sweet wrappers or foil. I think this would look really nice if you used a marbling technique to colour the card too. Go crazy! 

Use a hole punch or needle to make a hole at the top of the spiral to lace through some ribbon to hang it up. We added a little wooden star to finish it off. 

Salt dough

Salt dough always goes down well with kids, it doesn't matter what age they are! Let's face it, I would enjoy making adult versions too! I used this recipe for my salt dough, but there are loads out there on the Internet. We added cinnamon as thought it would smell nice on the Christmas tree. 

We used cookie cutters to make our shapes, as well as playdough cutters but simple circles work well too. In dubai, it's warm enough to leave the salt dough ornaments outside to dry out, but if your not living in the desert just wack them in the oven for a few hours on a low heat. 

Do you want to build a snowman?

I am afraid that is something you cannot really do in dubai, unless you visit the snow park at mall of Emirates! So crafting one will have to do instead!

There are loads of snowman craft ideas online, this is just one we tried so far. Simply sticking cotton wool onto a piece of paper, then adding googly eyes and a foam nose. I mounted him onto another piece of card and William did some Christmas stamping around the edge to decorate. 

Here's a few more ideas you might be interested in. If we get time we will work our way through them too in the next couple of weeks. 

Snowflakes - a classic, fold up a piece of paper at least 3 or 4 times (the more the better) and cut out little shapes. When you open the paper up you should have made a lovely snowflake.

Hand and foot prints- you can use your kiddies hand and foot prints to make loads of different animal designs. A foot can make a great reindeer, a hand can make a family of snowmen. Check out these ideas on Pinterest. 

Stamping - kids love print making, so why not make your own wrapping paper? You can jazz up some plain brown wrapping by making some Christmassy prints. Hand and foot prints wlike those above would work well, or just a good old potato! 

Baking - there are tons of recipes out there for Christmas goodies but these cookies caught my eye. They are so cute! If you don't have time to bake the cookies yourself, you could simply decorate some shop bought biscuits like this, using marshmallows and icing. 

Well there you have it, our little round up. Some of these would make great little gifts for grandparents, or entertain your kids on a Christmas themed play date! 

Please let me know how you get on with them, or share with me your own ideas! 

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