Wednesday, 3 December 2014

'H' week - back to school

We had a great week learning about the letter H. Lots of activities to share today...

Happy reading

William and I are really enjoying our trips to the library each week. Every Sunday we go for story time at the ductac library in the mall of Emirates and try to pick some books that focus on our letter of the week. We found this great one by Dr Seuss, 'Hooper Humperdink...? Not him!' And we dug out old favourites from Wills collection, Hamiltons Hats and The Highway rat by Julia Donaldson. We did some artwork based on some of the books we read, I'll show you some in a bit.

Our first craft was to introduce William to the letter H, filling the letter with all the stickers we could find that began with H. 


We also got this book from the library, 'Elma and the Hippos'. William did some painting on a piece of paper which I then cut up into shapes to make a collage of a hippo. William glued on all the body parts and googly eyes. You can't go wrong with googly eyes in my opinion. We stuck a piece of cotton wool under the hippos head to give it a bit of a 3D look. 


Will loves play dough, so making this hedgehog out of playdough and cut up pipe cleaners kept him busy for a while! 

We also had a go at some sewing. I made this hedgehog out of an old cereal box, don't judge me, I made it pretty quickly as when I have these weird ideas, I make them fairly quickly without planning! I used a hole punch to make holes randomly around the edge. I gave William a large needle that I use for wool as it's not very sharp, and tied a length of wool onto it so it wouldn't come loose. 

He weaved the needle with the wool through the holes in any direction he fancied. I think it looks pretty good! It was great for his fine motor skills and learning to be a bit more accurate with his hand movements and aiming. I may give this a go again with him for some Christmas decorations. 

Salt dough hearts

As part of a Christmas pack for family back in the UK. I used a salt dough recipe I found online and added some cinnamon for a nice winters smell! William used our cookie cutters to cut out Hearts and painted them with poster paints. I finished them off with some string. 

Building Houses

William loves gluing and sticking, so collages are a fab little activity to do with him. Building this house allowed us to talk about shapes, colours and how an 'H' is formed. This is really quick to prepare, I sat down one evening for about ten minutes, just cutting out the shapes for him and drawing the windows. Of course, if you have older children, they can do the cutting and drawing themselves too. William enjoyed it so much, he made two, one for us, one for a friend at daddy's work. 

We also built a house using his large lego blocks (and towers, because you always need to build a tower when your using bricks), and lined the blocks up in the shape of an H. 

Horse ride

This was also the week I took William for a horse ride. He absolutely loved it! Check out my post here about our trip to Desert Palm Polo Club, Dubai. 

Well I hope you have enjoyed our round up of H activities. As always, please let me know if you have a go at any yourself with your kids. We would love to see them! 

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