Wednesday, 3 December 2014

'J' week- back to school

Ok, so after the sparse letter I activities we did, J week was crammed full!

J for Jungle

I like activities which also get us out the house and get us moving! So for this jungle collage, we went for a walk around our neighbourhood here in Dubai. Obviously we have glorious sunny weather here every day so any excuse to get out there and enjoy it! We went in search of some leaves for our collage and William liked practicing his scissor skills cutting them off. We have a lot of these tall grasses here and they make perfect tickling sticks! Hehe... Gets a giggle out of both of us.

J for Jellyfish

We found some awesome books at the library all about jellyfish. We picked one story one and one that had simple information about jellyfish. William really enjoyed reading this non-fiction one. I was advised by my mother in law, a retired infants teacher, to pick at least one non-fiction book each time we go to the library. I understood the idea behind it but wasn't sure what William would think as we always read story books. But he loves it! He actually learnt from the book too, and can tell you that a jelly fish has a bell, and tentacles that hang down from it. 

We used the book as a basis to do a collage of a jelly fish. William used cut up bits of foil for the bell and tentacles, as well as wool, cotton wool and wrapping ribbon. He finished it with some rather attractive blue painting!

He also had a go at making some jellyfish out of old toilet roll tubes. If you read my blog regularly, you will know we seem to work toilet roll tubes into most weeks. William enjoyed painting the tubes, and I finished them off by making holes for the yarns and ribbons to be tied into. Googly eyes (another favourite) and a happy little smile completed them nicely!

Wibble wobble, wibble wobble, Jelly on a plate

I don't normally do many sensory activities. No particular reason. I just guess I try to do things that are quick and easy to get my hands on and don't have time (or quite frankly the inclination) to dye rice into rainbow colours etc. 

However, jelly... This I can do. Empty packet, add water, put in fridge. Job done. William helped me to make it and did lots of stirring. Then when it was set later on, I gave him the bowl and a spoon and said, 'have fun!'

Surprisingly, he didn't get too messy. If you have a child that has a tendency to get messy, maybe do it in the bath or the garden where you can simply hose it away after. (The jelly, not your child). 

There are many reasons sensory play is good for kids. Using jelly is a pretty good option as it doesn't matter if kids end up eating it. When I took William to baby sensory when he was about one year old, they used cooked spaghetti too. Slippy, slimy, gooey, squashy. Great fun for little kids.

J for Jonathon

My husband has a friend at work called Jonathon. Williams collage of Jonathon is pretty accurate. 

Check out his writing underneath! I wrote Jonathan's name in pencil and William copied over the top. Don't think it's too bad considering Williams not yet three! 

How are your letters coming on? As always, please share your ideas! 

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