Friday, 16 January 2015

A rainbow of cuddles

I have been dying to show you the last two blankets I made and I can finally do it! I had made them as gifts for two special couples who are expecting their first babies this year. So now I have given them to them I can show you some pictures. 

The first one is for my big brother and his wife who are so excited to be expecting their little bundle in March. I used a granny stripe pattern and some gorgeously super soft, microfibre yarn. It is so cuddly and will be delicate enough for new babies skin. I am soooooo excited about this baby and can't wait to meet it next summer when I go back to the UK next.

The second blanket is for my best work friend. She is so funny and a wonderful person. I was working with her in the UK when I was pregnant for William and she was always so helpful and managed to make me laugh and smile when I was feeling tired, fat and heavy!  This baby is due in May. I used a circle in a square pattern for this blanket, and a scalloped shell edging.

As both couples have not found out the sex of the babies, I went for a mix of bright rainbow colours that would be suitable for boys or girls.

I really enjoyed making these blankets. The colours are so cheerful and the yarn is so soft! It is a bit more expensive than the yarn I usually use but it is so worth it! And these babies deserve something special! I am so excited for my brother and my friend, and part of me is a little gutted that I won't be there in the UK to see the babies as brand new borne! But I will see them in the summer, and over skype I am sure! 

I have fallen in love with this yarn, so i am looking out for other excuses to use it! 😉

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