Friday, 16 January 2015

Posh Paws animal sanctuary

How has your week been? Done anything exciting? We had a mixture of a week, friends visiting, football training and lots of walks to the park. As hubby was away camping with school for a few days, I decided to take William somewhere new. 

We popped along to Posh Paws animal sanctuary. It is located near mushrif park, here in Dubai. It has a small petting zoo that you can wonder around and the little ones can see some different animals. It does not deserve its name of "posh paws" at all. It is kind of bizarre, bit dirty, few flies buzzing around you and you feel like you have wondered in to someone's private animal holding. 

However, it is cheap (20 aed adults, 10 aed child) and cheerful. There are plenty of animals roaming around for the kids to pet, like goats, chickens, ducks and ostrich.... Yep, two ostriches! 

 We enjoyed our time there, we only stayed for about an hour. You can take some veg to feed the animals, kids can have a pony ride for an extra 20 aed and it's great to see some animals close up. Some a little too close up for my liking haha. 

All the animals have been rescued or rehabilitated. They all looked healthy and happy, except for one dodgy looking chicken. I wouldn't advise taking very young children as there are so many animals roaming around the paths. If you are looking to kill some time for an hour or so and your kids like animals then give it a go!

Posh paws animal sanctuary 

Click here for posh paws website

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