Monday, 19 January 2015

'K' week - back to school

I'm afraid k week was cut short by our trip to the UK for Christmas. (Whoa I am sooo late actually writing up these letter weeks!) However, we did manage to do a few cool things! It just so happened that during our 'k' week, there was an awesome display of flags at dubai's Kite beach. 

Kite beach has been developed fairly recently and it now has some awesome recreational areas to explore. We had a walk along the sandy beach and ran around inbetween the flags. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes around and I am sure we will go back soon to try one out. William loves the beach but for some reason we don't go much. I think it's partly the thought of getting all sandy and messy. I hear there is a kite competition coming soon to kite beach so we will try to get down there for that!

K for kite

Speaking of kites.. I think this was an obvious choice for k week. We started by painting a letter k and adding a little paper kite. We did make a kite but it wasn't very windy when we tested it and didn't work very well.. Hence no pictures.

Spot the letters

I tried a new activity with William this week. I found a poem about a Kookabura that featured a lot of k's. I then gave William a stamping pen and asked him to put a stamp on all the k's he could see. It worked really well, and with some encouragement William got the hang of it and managed to stamp them all. I will definitely try this again with other letters. It's a great way of getting William to look at the words and letters and listen while I am reading to him. 

Key hunt

We also went on a key hunt. I challenged William to find as many keys as he could in our appartment. As he found each one, I helped him to trace around each key onto a piece of paper. Each key came out a different shape and size, and slightly wobbly as William was in charge of the pencil! It was a short activity that required no planning what so ever but William got quite excited each time he found a key. Simple things! 

Crafting a crown for a King

This was an activity that I have done before with William and we used the crown as a gift for his dad for his birthday. William loved doing it so I thought why not try again! This is a fun activity for kids as you can pretty much let them go wild with paints, stickers, sequins, and anything else they can get their hands on! Simply cut out a crown shape and attach a band to fit around their head. Alternatively, if you have any left over Christmas cracker paper hats just use them!

P.s. Make sure you make the band for the crown just the right size, too big and this may happen...  :D

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