Monday, 26 January 2015

'L' week - back to school

Welcome back! I am slowly catching up with our letter of the week activity posts, so here comes another one... L week was good fun! There are tons of options for L week as there are loads of fun letter activities online or on Pinterest. Here is a round up of the ones we had a go at.

Letter hunt

Grandma Linda gave William a fab letter puzzle for his birthday. He loves playing with it and just that alone keeps him busy for quite a while! Now as William (and most kids I imagine) likes to play with trucks and cars, I thought this would interest him... 

I scattered the letters around the rug and gave William a truck. I told him which letter I would like him to find for me and he went off on a hunt, pushing his truck around the carpet to find it. William found some of the letters easily, especially ones that seem to have sunk in while doing our letter of the week activities, but he found some harder. This will come as he gets older I'm sure. It was a fun activity that meant he could move and scrawl around rather than just sitting at a table the whole time and with each time we play it he gets better at finding the letters.

You could change this up by having your kids search for shapes, or animals, or colours, etc. whatever it is you want to focus on.

What the Ladybird heard

L week would not be complete without a lady bird. William loves the Julia Donaldson books. We have read what the lady bird heard, many, many times! This version is particularly good because it has the sound buttons to go with each animal. 

For our lady bird craft, I drew a simple outline of a lady bird and had William paint it. While he was painting it, I cut out ten circles out of black paper and wrote numbers on them, 1 to 10. I then armed him with a glue stick and asked him to stick on the spots in number order. He did really well up to about 8 then struggled slightly with the last few but not bad! It was a great activity for reading and recognising numbers. I will definitely do this again, here are a few other versions you could try. 

- sticking spikes on a dinosaur
- using numbered circles to make a catapillar
- numbered train track or road pieces
- apples in a tree
- carrots (or other veg) growing in the ground
- petals on a flower

When you get thinking there is actually lots of options. If your child is a bit older lu could do the same with letters of the alphabet.


William always loves doing random collages and colouring too. I drew an "L" on a piece of paper and gave him some stickers of Lions and bit of wool and googly eyes for a rather basic and strange looking lion collage. He also practiced writing the letter L too. Then went a bit mad with some stamp pens that had nothing to do with the letter at all. Hehe... Kids.

So how are you getting on with your letter activities? I would love to see any you have done!

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