Monday, 26 January 2015

'M' week - back to school

This week we did some really fun activities based on the letter 'M'. Some were ideas I found on Pinterest and worked really well. (For not so successful Pinterest attempts, pop back for N week soon!)

Moon rabbit

This is one of Williams favourite books. It always reminds me of his grandma Linda. I think she bought it for him and has read it many times!mits quite a sweet little story and I like the sketchy illustrations. To go with the book, we made a mosaic moon collage. I set William up with a foil circle glued onto some black paper and armed him with lots of paper squares and a glue stick. He really enjoys sticking so he loved doing this collage. He randomly decided it needed some washi tape squares too, I love his creativity! This activity can be modified for different shapes and prompts talk about colours too.

Milk marbling

Now I used to do this little activity when I was working as a primary science technican, travelling around the primary and infant schools. The kids always loved it. I think because it is so simple and it was something they could do at home easily with their parents. 

Simply pour a little milk in a dish so it covers the bottom. Add a few drops of food colouring, but make sure they are not touching. Then using a pipette or a straw, drip a little washing up liquid into the puddles of food colouring. Almost instantly the colour will spread out and create a marvellous marbled effect! Use the straw or a stick to mix the washing liquid into the colouring. William enjoyed doing this bit the most! We did try to use the milk mixture to marble some paper but it wasn't massively successful. I was however using normal white printer paper, maybe something a bit more substantial would have worked better. 

Foot print motor bike

Good old foot prints! Hand and foot prints can be used for soooo many things! We have done a few in our time. This one is particularly special as it is for Williams grandad who is motor bike crazy and always loves to take William for a sit on his when we are there visiting. A quick google search will provide you with tons of hand and footprint uses if motor bikes aren't your thing! 

Marvelous monsters

If you can manage to get the milk marbling to work on paper, then this would be a great way to use it!  Let your child do some fab painting or colouring then cut it out into a monster shape. Add some googly eyes to finish it off. We are using this one in a card for grandma and grandad to welcome them back to dubai. 

Monsters is a great theme for kids. It is so broad and there are many creative ways to make them. William also painted a toilet roll tube and turned it into a monster by adding more googly eyes and some crazy pipe cleaner hair. 

Thanks for popping by for our rounds of M week!

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  1. I reckon my W would love to watch the milk marbling! Pinning that to try x


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