Friday, 20 February 2015

Hatta fort hotel

We have just got back from a fab little break in the mountains! We have my parents visiting us here in Dubai for a few weeks and we thought it would be nice to have a night in a hotel. Hatta fort hotel is about an hours drive from dubai and takes you through some gorgeous scenery! A short part of the journey takes you through Oman, and it's amazing how the landscape changes from sandy desert to rocky Mountains!

We stayed for one night/ two days and had a great time! We hired a villa which has two double bedrooms, kitchen, beautifully decorated lounge areas and your own private garden featuring a jacuzzi! It felt like such a treat! (We haven't won the lottery or anything, we just found a really good deal on groupon!)

William thoroughly enjoyed his time playing around the family pool and did some amazing swimming without arm bands! So we had a special proud parent moment too! Spending time with him at the hotel this week reminded me how awesome he is. Well I think so anyway! He just takes everything in his stride, was polite and friendly to the staff there and is such a good boy, you know you can take him anywhere. 

(While I'm sat writing this, William happens to come up and moan that I have turned the TV off, with quite an amusing sad face including wobbly bottom lip, so don't worry, he is not some super child, he can still be a pain!) 

The break in the mountains was so nice and as always the weather is amazing. I would definitely go back to Hatta fort one day. The staff were great, setting was nice and although the hotel itself was a tad dated it had a quaint charm about it! There was so much to do there, especially for families with children. William particularly loved the crazy golf, it was his first attempt and he wasn't too bad! There's also archery, pool, table tennis, volleyball and two fab swimming pools. 

The breakfast was amazing, with a huge selection to choose from. We all got stuck in! They even served pork bacon and sausages which is rare for our Muslim country. As usual, William made the most of it!

I hope you are all enjoying your half term! I'll be back with more adventures in Dubai soon.

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