Wednesday, 4 March 2015

'N' week - back to school

Here is our round up for activities based on the letter N. Do you have any to share?

N for numbers

There are tons and tons of games, activities and crafts online based on Numbers. So here are just a couple that we tried. 

Feeding the animals.. William really enjoyed this game and he asked to play it quite a few times over  a few days. The numbered animals were a present from a friend and are made out of foam for use in the bath. Firstly we lined them up in order, and filled one of his dumper trucks with building blocks (food). William them drove the truck along, delivering the right number of food to each animal. He thought this was brilliant. Involving the truck was a great idea as he found it fun driving it up and down. Sometimes I think I am doing too many 'paper' activities, so this was a fun one for him to just play.

Dino-mite! William loves a bit of gluing and sticking! So I cut up these paper shapes, and numbered the dinosaurs spikes for him to stick down in number order. We did a very similar craft a few weeks ago with a ladybird and its spots. It's so easy to change up this activity! Some dinosaur stamping for the background always go down well with him too. (The set is s Melissa and Doug one)


Now, I hinted at the upcoming crafty activity last week as one of my Pinterest failures. You may have seen it on there, or something similar. Blow up a small balloon and use PVA glue to glue on strips of yarn. Leave it to dry then pop the balloon. 

Well to start, the stupid balloon kept rolling around everywhere, leaving puddles of glue in its wake. Hence the bowl, which only helped mildly. Then perhaps I watered the glue a little too much as it was sticky on your fingers but didn't particularly stick the yarn together very well. Nevertheless, we carried on! 

A few days later, when I felt like I could brave the results, we prised the yarn (some hard, some soft, with floppy loose bits) off the balloon and here is the result. A little less impressive than the Pinterest pictures! Still, William had fun making it and was chuffed to put it on the window sill outside for the birds. 

The next day, nest is gone. 

Without a single trace. 

(If you live in one of the apartments below me and happen to have found a stuff mess of yarn on your balcony... I can only apologise!)

To make up for the lost yarn nest, we made this one. I taped a semi circle of orange paper to the a4 sheet, leaving a gap at the top. William then cut up bits of paper and yarn to stuff the nest with. Finished off with some bird stickers. 

Other ideas

- Hop scotch. Remember this game? Played in the playground with chalked squares on the floor? I'm sure William would love this, so maybe I will try and find a way to play it out on the grass. Maybe number some large pieces of paper, or use a roll of paper to draw your own?

- I spy. This could be played at home or when you are out and about. Search for numbers on signs, doors, cars, posters etc. 

- Nelly the elephant. Sing the song, put on an elephant mask and crawl around on your hands and knees, pretending to be an elephant. Make the most of these stupid, embarrassing activities... Your little one won't want to do them forever.

- Nana. Do you have a Nan or a Nana in your family? Why not draw a picture, make a collage of her, send her a letter or a card. 

- Naan breads. They are super easy to make with children and taste yummy. Try this recipe here. Or if you don't have the time, order a take away! 

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