Friday, 13 March 2015

'O' week - back to school

Welcome to the letter O. We have had a fab week doing our arts and crafts, so here they are. All totally easy, not much prep and can be done using basic craft materials you probably already have in your cupboard! 

Outrageous Orange Octopus

William really enjoyed making this octopus. It's so easy to set up! Most of the crafts we do are spur of the moment, grab the resources quickly kinda thing. I helped William by cutting out the shapes for him out of orange paper. I numbered the legs and asked him to glue them on in order. He is pretty good at recognising the first numbers but struggles as he gets to 7 or 8. We have done this kind of activity many times before, like with numbered spots on a lady bird, and it works well.


Each week we visit the library here in Dubai (Ductac, mall of the Emirates) and we try to pick a non fiction book along with our story books. This week we chose this ocean artyfacts book. William enjoyed hearing about different sea animals but I think most of it went over his head. Although he really liked making his own creations to match the pictures. The octopus above was one of them. 

The next activity we tried, that came from the book, was a wax resist painting of the ocean. I had a go first, talking to William about what animals you could find in the sea, checking the book for ideas. As we have been to a few aquariums here in Dubai, We were able to have a chat about what he remembered seeing there. He helped with a little colouring on my picture then had a go at his own. As you can see, I'm pretty sure there is no resemblance to any ocean creatures, perhaps sea plankton? 

After drawing with wax crayons, we washed over it with some watered down blue paint. It was fun and it actually really made the colours of the crayon pop. This was great fun and we will definitely have another go with a wax resist painting agin, perhaps with a different theme.

Cup cake owls

There is a special grandma (visiting soon) that loves owls! (Well I think the actual story is that she once showed interest in one owl decoration and ever since has been inundated with the things! So we like to join in just to wind her up!) these cupcake owls were another Pinterest find. They are so simple and easy to do on a wim. 

Simply flatten the cupcake case and colour the inside. Then fold and glue the edges in to meet in the middle, and the top down to create a head. Add some eyes and a beak and your all set! I drew William a branch on a piece of paper so that he could paint it. He is only three so not great at staying in the lines; I think I will try to get him to practice this more. William enjoyed them so much he kept asking to make more and more!

I also made my owl owl too! I'm getting addicted to making these crochet lovey blankets. Little handfuls of soft blanket for babies to cuddle! 

Well that's it! That's what we've been up to for letter O week. If you have any other ideas or have had a go yourself with your little ones, please get in touch!

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