Thursday, 19 March 2015

'P' week - back to school

P week was made for William.... All I need to say is.. pirates.

William doesn't need an excuse to dress up like his favourite character Jake from the Neverland Pirates. His lovely Aunty Lindsay bought him this dress up outfit for Christmas and he's worn it atleast two or three times a week since then! I didn't realise how much joy kids get out of dressing up! I remember when I was little I used to love stomping around in my mums old 80s style stiletto heels... I have no idea why as I was a bit of a Tom boy as a kid. 

William and I worked together on a pirate map one morning. We drew some landmarks on the island using wax crayons then washed over it with watered down paint, a technique we tried last week for an Ocean picture. (I'm not sure why the cactus has spots?)

My hubby is the Head of Technology in a secondary school here in Dubai and is currently making a fab new display for his skateboard club. The kids in the club make their own skateboards, learning carpentry and resistant materials skills and then paint them with their own design. To help encourage the students and to show off their popular club, hubby is displaying some sample boards and has asked a range of people to help him paint them. The Headmaster of the senior school and vice principals included! 

Naturally, William wanted to get in on the action. Grab the paint and a sharpie!

I stupidly forgot to take a picture of the finished board and took it to school to be displayed. So I will get a picture of it up next time I go in. William really enjoyed doing it. 

P-P-Pick up a penguin!

One of our non fiction books from the library this week was about penguins. This one was a tad advanced for William but he still enjoyed looking at the pictures. We used the book as inspiration to make some toilet roll penguins. They are so easy! Paint them black, glue on a white tummy and black wings, beak and googly eyes and your done! 

Pasta painting

When I worked in a secondary school back in the UK, I shared a staff room with the art department and had an ongoing joke that using pasta in art was under rated! They would be proud of me now! (Not) 

William has done this activity before but he really enjoyed it so we had another go. He spent some time painting pasta tubes in nice bright colours. When they were dry I gave him some yarn to string them onto to make some sort of necklace. After approximately 5 minutes of his concentrating, I realised I had not secured the end of the yarn and the pasta was falling straight off the other end! Bless him. So I taped the end to the worktop while he did it (again). It's a great activity for little ones to practice fine motor skills and also to try creating repeating patterns with the different colours. They make fab gifts for people too, obviously people who will appreciate a "homemade" toddler gift. Both grandmas loved them! 

Pattern sequences

As you can see from the above pictures, William didn't bother making patterns with the coloured pasta for the necklace. But we did have a go at some other pattern making games. Here's a few ideas.

We bought these tiny chairs from a cheap shop here in Dubai (Daiso), the original hgsme is about stacking the chairs without letting them fall. However as they came in different colours, I encouraged William to use them to make patterns. We started with one yellow, one blue, etc. the. Tried to make it harder by adding another colour, or changing the sequence to one colour, two colours, etc. you can do this game with anything colourful, Pom poms, pieces of paper, vegetables at snack time. 

Well that's it for this week. I'll be back soon with out 'Q' crafts. I can't believe how quickly we are getting through the alphabet. By the time we finish, it will nearly be time for William to start school! Eek!

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  1. es does he start in September. I love how crafty you are with him, I feel like I should do more,maybe I can just bring him round and drop him off??


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