Wednesday, 25 March 2015

'Q' week - back to school

Bit of a short post this time... Q... Bit of a weird letter. I got excited at the thought of making a Quilt (gluing fabric squares or paper together) but every time I asked William if he wanted to do it he just blatantly wasn't interested. That's the way it goes with toddlers I suppose. (On a similar vein, we got out a book from the library and had it two weeks with William not wanting to read it. I gave up last night and said I'm reading it anyway... It was rubbish. It's almost like he knew!)

So our main activity this week was to use those good old toilet roll tubes to make a Queen. She has a glittering gold paper crown, beautiful red dress painted by will, long red yarn for hair, a happy face drawn by Will and a letter Q proudly displayed on her front so everyone knows who she is. 

I think William was pretty pleased with her. He was desperate to show daddy when he got home, and grandma and grandad on Skype. 

So I'm afraid that's as far as we got. But here are a few other ideas you could try...

- Make a quilt. Use some fabric or paper scraps to cut out squares and arrange them in a checkerboard quilt pattern, glue them onto some paper. If you have a sewing machine, you could even sew them together and make the quilt for a doll or toy. 

- Quail. Make a collage picture, or if your really posh you could eat one.

-Quiet. Play around with instruments, or just with your voices and try making loud and quiet noises. (Or have quiet time with a cup of coffee.)

-Quantum physics? Ok..too far. I told you the letter Q was a bit pants! 

I'll be back next week with much better crafts that are more exciting! We've started already and so far made rocket picture. 😉

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