Monday, 27 April 2015

Easter fun

As you may have read, we have had a busy month with visitors here in Dubai. So I have only just got round to showing you the fun Easter crafts and activities William got up to.

Williams grandma Linda (from Chalkys World) always has an Easter tree set up in her conservatory. I didn't really celebrate Easter as a kid, so I don't know if everyone does this but I thought it would be nice for us to create an Easter tree here in Dubai, especially as grandma was visiting!

I helped William make some eggs out of card to hang on the tree. He coloured some with pens and added glitter and some he covered with washi tape. We also had a go at making some hanging chicks. Simply cut out a circle of paper and decorate. Cut a little hole in the centre and place a folded piece of string through it. Cut out shapes for the beak, feet and crest. Fold the paper in half, cut a small slit in the end of the fold to place the crest, place the beak, crest and hanging string in the right place and glue the half circles together. Make a hole in the two feet and tie them to the bottom of the string that hangs through the middle of the chick. And voila! I might make these with card next time as the paper is quite flimsy. They would also be nice to make out of fabric, you could use felt and glue it together or other fabric and hand sew it. I might have a go at that myself!

You may have spotted some other goodies by our tree too. They have come from Grandma Linda and some of her friends. Grandma also organised an Easter egg hunt for William. She brought all the bits from the UK with her. These plastic eggs were great for hiding little presents in, and of course a few small chocolate eggs!
The chocolate mini eggs have gone down very well with William. He is still sneaking one out of the fridge each day! We did manage to convince him to use a few of them for some Easter cornflake cakes.
Easter cornflake cakes are so easy to make its ridiculous. You can pretty much let little ones make them by themselves, all you have to do is melt the chocolate for them. William mixed a couple of handfuls of cornflakes to some melted chocolate, spooned them into some cupcakes, decorated with mini eggs and popped them in the fridge to set for a while. Yummy! You could jazz these up by adding other ingredients, like marshmallows, crumbled biscuits, raisins or nuts.


I hope you enjoyed your Easter. It probably seems like a long time ago now. Now all our family have gone we are getting back into our normal routine. This morning I took William to the library and he had a great time. He Is so ready to go to school and enjoy the company of classmates. We will be making the most of the last two months at home together before he starts school.

Did you do any fun Easter crafts or activities! I'd love to hear about them!




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