Monday, 4 May 2015

Back to school - letter R

We had great fun doing these activities for R week. I don't know why, but some letters just seem to be a perfect match for william friendly activities and crafts!
R is for Rocking Robots!
William loves this book, "No-bot robot", so it was fun to get it out and have a read before we created our own robot collage. We used some kitchen foil, coloured paper, Googly eyes and some nuts and washers to decorate him. We also did the same but using a cardboard toilet roll tube.
If you want to work on numbers or letter, you could always write them on the coloured buttons and get your little one to stick them down in order. William has enjoyed doing that in the past with other collages.
William also came across this robot hand toy in Daiso this week and as he had been such a good boy at football we bought it. It was either that or a really really noisy rattle instrument. I thought I had chosen wisely, until yesterday in the car he decided it would be hollarious to reach the robot hand through the headrest to tickle me.
I came up with this game for him to play with it, using his robot hand to pick up the numbered foam shapes. We rolled a dice to decide which shape he needed to get first and deposited them in his dumper truck. A fun way of reinforcing numbers and practicing coordination. If you don't own a robot hand, you could try simply using hands, or chop sticks, tongs from the kitchen etc.
There are lots of activities online based on rainbows and some great songs to sing too. William likes using stamping pens so I drew him a basic rainbow and left him to colour it in. He started with his stamp pens and we finished it off together with some crayons.
Williams Rocket!
Blast off! I am trying to bring to find ways of bringing Williams name into the crafts he does. He recognises his name but as he goes to school in September I thought it would be nice to get him used to the order of the letters etc. to help him along when he learns to write it. This rocket picture is so easy to make, simply cut a few squares of coloured paper and letter or number them for your little one to glue down in order. Again you could do this on other materials such as cardboard tubes, or paint an old cereal box and glue the shapes on that!
Ripe market
Vaguely linked to the letter R! If you live in Dubai, chances are you will have heard about the Ripe market. The one we visited was the Night market at Al Barsha Pond Park. It's hotting up here in Dubai now so to pop along in the evening, 4-9 is great. There's loads of wonderful stalls selling homemade and locally produced goods. I had my eye on some really nice jewellery and kids clothes! Lots of potential presents for the kids in my family. Definitely check it out as a nice chilled way to end your weekend in Dubai, Saturday's 4-9pm. Since writing this post, I think the Ripe market has finished for the summer, but be sure to check it out on its return.

Other ideas:
- Races. Create obstacle courses, or a simple running race, egg and spoon, choices are endless! My husband set up an obstacle course today for William, climbing under blankets and jumping over cushions, throwing balls into saucepans. William had great fun!
- Rainbow cakes. I have seen a few recipes pop up on Pinterest for making different rainbow cakes. This involves creating a mixture and using food colourings to create a rainbow effect. Another option would be to jazz up your little ones lunch or snack time by asking them to help you pick foods to create a rainbow, yellow peppers, red tomatoes, blueberries etc.
- Rabbits. You could create collages, read non-fiction books about them, visit a petting zoo to see some in real life (if in Dubai, try posh paws)
- Rings. I saw a fab post recently about creating your own rings, making them out of pipe cleaners and attaching paper flowers to the top.

Well that's about it for our week of letter crafts. We are soon coming to the end of the alphabet, only 8 left to go! Just enough time to wrap them all up before we head back to the UK for the summer. As always, please let me know if you try any of these activities or if you would like to share your own!


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