Monday, 11 May 2015

Back to school - Letter S week

We had great fun with these crafts for S week! We did the usual colouring and collages but lots of thinking about patterns and sequences, as well as new skills like sewing and textile art.

Slithery Snakes

Our first snake craft was making a snake using an old toilet roll. Love a toilet roll craft me, reuse and recycle and all that! You can see it in the bottom right picture. William painted it pink (because you get a lot of pink snakes?!) and I cut it up for him into a spiral. He then added Googly eyes and a little tongue.

I then drew William an S shaped Snake, and cut up some different coloured shapes. I started him off by sticking the first three down and asked him to complete the sequence pattern. He needed a little promoting at some points but on the whole did really well! As he enjoyed doing that, I quickly drew some more and we used some pens to draw our own shapes. We took it in turns and I tried to encourage William to tell us who's go it was next and what shape they had to draw. This was a really quick craft to prepare, literally a bit of drawing and a few cutting out of shapes.

If you are working on numbers or letters you could write them on the shapes and get your little one to stick them down in order, or to make it easier, you could draw an outline of the shape onto the snake so they can match the shapes maybe? It's such a simple idea but loads of options!

Spider's secret web

Our first spider activity was based on something I saw recently that was completed unrelated. It was a wax resist painting where you could write secret messages, that only became revealed when you covered it with water paint. I started by drawing a spiders web with white crayon on a white piece of paper. I gave William some watery black paint and told him to wash over the page to see if he could find the surprise. It took a few seconds for it to soak into the paper and reveal the secret spider web and William was amazed when he saw it turn up! William wanted to do his own so he drew a spiderweb (bit of a scribble basically, it annoyed him that he couldn't see what he was doing) and painted it again. I might do this again for other letters somehow as it was good fun.

The next craft was something I was excited about doing as it was kinda based on a passion of mine, sewing! I drew a very rough spider web with a sharpie, and punched some holes at intervals along the lines using a big needle. I then gave William the needle with some wool tied onto it so he could thread it through the holes I had made, creating a spider web out of wool. He enjoyed doing this and I think he liked the fact he was using one of mummy's special needles. Obviously, if you try this, make sure to give your child a big needle like a bodkin that's not sharp at the end.

To go with the spiders web, we made a spider out of card, glued on some cotton wool and painted it black. When dry, we added googley eyes and some pipe cleaners for legs.

I wrote "spider" in pencil on the top and William did amazingly well at copying the letters with a pen. I was actually a bit surprised at how well he did. He liked doing it and asked to do it again on the back too so he did a couple more. I am trying to encourage him to practice copying letters a bit more.

We got a great book out from the library a while ago which was all about sunflowers. It was great for showing the names of the different parts, how they grew etc. William enjoyed reading about them and I thought it would be fun to make a collage of one. William kept checking back with the book to see if we had everything it should have! We used paper for the leaves and petals, wool for the roots, rice for the seeds and a Popsicle stick for the stem. If you have the space and opportunity it would be fab to grow your own sunflowers too!


This was a really simple and fairly quick game to set up. I cut up some shapes out of coloured paper, laid them out on the floor in front of some coloured cups. William then matched the coloured paper shapes to the cups, or put all the circles in one, triangles in another etc. I blogged about this game before here. William got very good at it and was so proud of himself when he finished the games so quickly.

Back to sewing again for our next shape activity. I punched some holes in card so they created different shapes. I then set William up with a big needle again and some coloured wool to see if he could sew the shapes. If you have some, try using some cross stitch material. This would make it harder, although you could always draw the shape in pen for them to go over.


Other ideas

- Toilet roll snakes. Cut up old toilet roll tubes into sections, paint them then string them together to make a snake.

- Scarecrow. There's a fab new Julia Donaldson book about scarecrows. You could also make one out of a toilet roll tube or a paper plate with crazy wool or scrap paper hair.

- Number Seven. Practice writing the number. Collect items n groups of seven, e,g. 7 toy cars, 7 balls, 7 crackers, try drawing with 7 crayons taped together.

- Snow man. Make one out of paper plates, cut up card, glue some cotton wool balls onto paper in a snow man shape, create snowmen out of circles joined together with your child's name written in the circles, or if you live near snow (if in Dubai, maybe visit the snow dome) or sand, build a snowman!

- Sand. There is tons of sensory bin ideas based around sand. Fill up a tub, bowl, anything you've got, up with sand and add some different toys to play with, maybe a little water so the sand can be sculpted into shapes. Create your own sandy pictures by painting with pva glue then scattering sand over it.

So there you have it. So a great letter to use as a start, so many brilliant activities you can do based on it. We are kind of rushing through our letters a bit now as we are running out of weeks before we go back to the UK for the summer and then William starts school. If we have some time left, I will try and come back to some of these ideas! Funnily, sometimes when I am blogging about what we've been up to, I come up with more ideas I'd like to try with William!

I hope you have a good week and enjoy and arts and crafts you may be doing with your little ones! Come back soon!



  1. Clever you! I absolutely LOVE these ideas! :) Bless William — just look how engrossed he is, in what he's doing too! I love that kind of expression on kids' faces; you can see he's really immersed in what he's doing! Just lovely! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday — please would you pop our badge on the end of your post the nest time you link up :)

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  2. Love this Charlotte! We did some fab Spider crafts this week stolen from Barney of all places!xx


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