Thursday, 21 May 2015

Back to school - Letter T

Welcome back to my Letter of the week series. I can't believe how fast the weeks are flying by, I can't keep up with the posts! Anyway... Here are our crafts for the letter T, and we kicked it off with a name train.

Name Train

I really like this easy activity for encouraging William to learn how to spell his name, or at least the sequence of letters anyway! We happened to have some Thomas the Tank Engine stickers which came in handy for him to make his own train. I cut up some pieces of paper to act as carriages and wrote his name on them. I then let him try to stick them down in order. As William doesn't know how to spell his name yet it did take quite a lot of prompting from me but he did recognise some of them. I'm sure the more we do this kind of activity he will get the hang of it. We will do it again for W week with a worm!

If you want to focus on something else, it's so easy to change it up. Maybe using numbers, or the whole alphabet instead? Or again, to practice shape sequences and patterns. This prompted a reading session of Thomas the tank engine... Of course!

William and I love going to the library and choosing new books to borrow each week. We try to get at least one non fiction book each time and this week I saw this book about Turtles which would be perfect. We flicked through the pages, looking at the pictures and I read some of the turtle facts to William. He then made this turtle out of a paper bowl. I let him go wild with the paint and he did really well covering the whole bowl, and not covering himself too much! He glued on some Googly eyes and I folded him some wiggly legs out of paper. While looking at the pictures in the book we noticed that the shells of the turtles had patterns and shapes on them, so William had a go at adding some details with a felt tip pen.
Paper plate and bowl crafts have endless options. Have a quick google or Pinterest search if you have some lying around. We have done this before by turning the bowl into a crab.
Tire Tracks
I love encouraging William to use different materials and resources, especially when painting. And as he loves cars and trucks he jumped at the chance to do a bit of painting with them. Dipping the cars in paint and rolling them back and forth creating patterns, shapes and marks with them. We used the brown paper to wrap up some presents for hubby for our anniversary. What a great idea for decorating boys (or girls!) wrapping paper! I know a Grandad who would like this too!
Living in Dubai we are blessed with gorgeous weather and a swimming pool in our neighbourhood. So William also makes tracks using his big truck by the swimming pool, dunking it in the pool water and racing it around! Then watching them disappear in the sunshine.
Terrific Tulips
Now in April it was Williams Grandmas birthday and her favourite flowers are Tulips! I saw this great, quick craft on Pinterest and thought William would enjoy it. Again, painting with a new object, a fork! Place the fork in some paint, then print the shape onto some paper. William really liked doing this one and was trying his best to do it neatly. I probably shouldn't have given m sugar paper to do it on as the paint bled a bit which distorted the shape a little bit, it definitely worked better on normal paper. He insisted on drawing on the stems, and then I cut them out for him to mount onto another page. A bit mad with his crazy paint dripping, but awesome none the less!

Other ideas:

- Teeth. Check out some books on brushing teeth, learn about the names of them, even create a collage of a mouth by using stickers, cut up paper or buttons for teeth.

- Treasure Hunt. We ran out of time for this one but will no doubt have a go at some point. Draw a simple treasure map of your garden or house that leads to some special treasure at the end. Maybe some golden raisins or apricots.... Ok, let's face it, sweets!

- Towers. Build them with blocks, draw them, or if you live in the city go for a drive and spot all the towers you can see.

- Trees. I'm sure there are countless tree crafts floating around out there, again collages, leaf prints or tree rubbings would be a great idea. How about a nature hunt, spotting and drawing or recording the different trees you can find.

Thank you for popping over and I hope you have enjoyed our crafts and activities. As always, please let me know if you have a go at any yourself! For U week we are experimenting with paper mâché!

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